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Blockchain and cryptocurrency have tremendously changed trading as we know it. The growing popularity of blockchain and its technologies has seen trading platforms improve their day-to-day operations. The new way of trading has many similarities to traditional trading.

Lack of knowledge and experience of the market by new traders has them at a disadvantage with skilled or experienced traders in the industry. To help bring a balance in the blockchain trading market, Solfin Consulting came up with the idea of a one-stop-shop for traders, UpBots. UpBots has been dubbed many as the “trading supermarket” for all matters relating to crypto trading.  


UpBots is the first complete trading marketplace for cryptocurrencies and traditional markets. It offers trading tools, bots, strategies, and trading courses into one single interface. The platform provides a 360° trading experience where users simply choose what best suits their profile, wether they are a beginner or an expert.


UpBots is a unique trading platform that comes with various features to ease the process of trading. These features include:

  • Unified Learning and Trading Solution

UpBots was created to help ease the trading process for both experienced traders and new traders. The platform offers an all-in-one training solution to traders who want to learn and trade safely alongside professionals. Through the platform, new traders are guided on how to select crypto exchanges that would meet their trading needs carefully.

  • Powerful Easy-to-Use Automation

UpBots heavily relies on best practices in terms of UX and automation. This is intended to simplify the use of the UpBots platform and third-party platforms.

  • A complete & large ecosystem

UpBots creators have many years of experience in creating specialized and complementary crypto space activities. Their many years of experience help them create a perfect solution that gives customers a complete and qualitative trading experience.

Solfin ecosystem represents more than 600 customers, 10 000+ members on free channels, and social networks. It also has more than ten strategic partners in the cryptocurrency industry. Traders on the platform will get an opportunity to access this vast ecosystem.

  • Wallet tracking to keep track of its performance

UpBots helps its traders keep up with activities on their wallets through its tracking feature. This will come in handy, especially if there is a drastic change, whether it is in the cryptocurrency or traditional market.

  • Numerous Trading Tools

Trading cryptocurrencies requires many tools and services. Some of the trading platforms do not provide all the needed tools. Other platforms offer the option to sourcing the tools from third parties, which is a tiresome process for many, especially for beginners. However, UpBots makes it easy for traders to easily navigate between exchanges, calendars, news aggregators, chartism tools, event portfolio trackers, market data, signal providers, trading bots.

  • Be on Autopilot

The world keeps on changing with more and more things becoming automated. People are more open to doing less and less with each new day. For traders, a platform that offers the option to have automatic trading is more appealing.

UpBots has also thought about its traders that do not want to waste all their time analysing charts. The platform has made it easy for these traders to go through all the necessary steps without having to spend tireless hours doing technical and fundamental analysis to estimate their trading outcome. These traders will indeed be able to connect their wallets to performing algo bots or expert traders via the social copy trading feature.

  • Bot creator section

The platform has also, in addition to a complete manual trading interface, a bot creator section that allows traders to develop their trading algorithms or rent them. It also provides a link to the best signals’ providers in the market.

  • Training marketplace

Since blockchain and its technologies are relatively new, they are in constant evolution. This can be a challenging process for newcomers who need to learn the latest technology and the changes that come with their development. UpBots provides that necessary training, updated knowledge to help its users make informed decisions.
Among its unique features is the training marketplace for new traders. With this feature, the platform hopes to upend the status quo by giving them “all of the tools that they need to succeed” this will be available with an average monthly fee that’s lower than the cost of subscribing to specialist interfaces individually. The training will be first offered through a partnership With BrainFeed.

  • Web and mobile version

The platform can be accessed through both the web and mobile devices. No matter where a trader is, they can easily make their trade and keep up with the market.

  • A secure and quality environment

UpBots helps protect its users from fraudulent activities. The attractiveness of the marketplace brought many players offering services for crypto traders. Some use the lack of knowledge and to dupe unsuspecting investors. UpBots makes it a point to ensure all its traders have the experience and trading to help with the decision-making process.
Upbots is also register in the blockchain, which will ensure security of transactions, transparency and trust


The UpBots ecosystem will be using a token called UBXt. The UBXt token is based on Ethereum’s market standard smart contract ERC20 token. This token will be tradable on the UpBots platform. According to the UpBots website, the core purpose of the UBX token will be “its value as a method of payment on the platform.” The token will be used to make payment of expenses for in-house and external trading bots, orders, copy trading, and monthly membership fees. The token will go through several elevations such as a token burning program, rewards for holding tokens.  To generate incentives, the token will enable a system of pay only when in profit for social copy trading or renting of bots.

The UpBots private sale is still taking place with the community sales scheduled to take place in the next two months. So far, the capital raised is about $590 000. One UBXt is being sold for $ 0.01.


The Solfin consulting created by Benjamin Duval and Julien Quertain has many sub-companies specialized in different but complementary activities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The 4C-trading, CanardCoinCoin, Brainfeed, and UpBots are all under the umbrella of the same Solfin ecosystem.

4C-trading is among the best information and signal channels by Smart options. It has several hundred clients and offers both free and premium trading advice, tools, analysis, and in-depth research.

The CanardCoinCoin is a News website specializing in crypto. It currently has more than 22k unique Monthly views in the French-speaking community. Brainfeed is an online training platform in creation to covers everything on blockchain and cryptocurrencies

What does this mean for UpBots? On the UpBots platform, the CanardCoinCoin will be used to promote the project on the website. The signals of 4c-trading will be available in the UpBots marketplace. Traders will be able to pay for the subscription using the UBX token. Additionally, all the content created by Brainfeed will be available on the UpBots platform and would be purchased with the UBX token.


As stated earlier, the UpBots platform combines all trading products under one roof uncommon with other trading platforms.  It brings together in a single platform all the tools needed to trade efficiently and the best trading strategies carefully selected by UpBots experts. Despite being new in the market, this feature gives it an added advantage over many already existing platforms.

What also differenciates Upbots from its competitors, in addition to have a complete set of tools and services is that the interface will be registered in the blockchain, which will guarantee security and transparence. Finally Upbots mission is to gather all the markets in one single place, crypto and Forex.


While the platform is yet to give more details on the bounty and airdrop programs, it explains that these programs will be used to improve the platform. Each user that finds an issue with the platform will be rewarded in tokens. More details on these programs will be reviewed in time.


The platform plans to offer both trading worlds to its users. Despite being based on the blockchain, UpBots is specifically designed to allow forex trading as well. The platform plans to start with Crypto-market to generate the first adoption. In parallele, UpBots will open its doors to Forex to increase the size of the community. UpBots plans to open doors to Forex trading by the end of 2021.

The platform also plans to incorporate new technologies and updates to keep up with the changing markets and technologies. The first version of the UpBots dashboard is set to launch in the second half of 2020, paving the way for the company’s mobile application to launch in early 2021.


The all in one shop will become a game-changer for the trading ecosystem. All the features will help the platform achieve mainstream adoption. With its interface, UpBots will be able to provide a health-trading environment for all parties assisting thousands of people who have long wished to participate in trading markets.

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