The financial derivatives market is worth $1200tn p.a. but only 1-2% of the population participates in it. This is mainly due to the problems the users face such as highly complex interfaces and difficult to understand financial jargon; high fixed costs; balance of information in favour of derivative issuers and facing unquantified risks when taking on leverage.

Recently the Platinum Academy came across a platform, CloseCross, that has addressed all these shortcomings and is already helping traders generate handsome returns in an extremely easy and intuitive manner. We want our traders to know more about this innovative, almost revolutionary, platform and so we will bring to our traders a series of articles that will help you understand the shortcomings that plague the current financial system and how simple solutions can help you trade in a much more secure, leverage-free environment yet bring you a chance at significant returns.

CloseCross enables traders to generate profits through a simplified three clicks process of selecting an asset, predicting price-bracket(s) and committing funds to these predictions, for a variety of asset classes including crypto, stocks, indexes, commodities, forex pairings, etc.

– CloseCross is regulated under European Union’s MIFID II regulations, offers increased protection and transparency for customers.

– Unlike other trading platforms, there are no participation fees for using CloseCross,

– Its patented multiparty model ensures that leverage is not needed to achieve potentially outsized returns. Money placed on incorrect predictions is lost, but you never lose more than what you put in as there is no leverage needed or possible on the platform.

– Users pay facilitation fees, only on their winning trades, giving them significant savings when compared to traditional trading platforms.

– The platform also provides real-time data on the predictions of other traders enabling investors to make a more informed forecast based on increased transparency. People can choose to follow the crowd or go on their own views.

Beyond solving the key problems of today’s derivatives market and opening the market to the unserved 98-99% of the population; CloseCross is also bringing in new elements that will help the traders succeed.

– CloseCross is the only platform that allows traders to make money when predicting price stability (or range-bound pricing). No financial instrument today allows that.

– CloseCross is already working on the subsequent innovations beyond the ground-breaking innovations already delivered as above. Within 24 months CloseCross will launch “tradeable notes”, followed closely by social/follow trading as additional revenue generating avenues and increase profitability at scale.

You can try a demo and subject to appropriateness assessment process, investors can sign-up at, and trade by selecting an asset class and making a forecast over a time frame of a few hours or over months.


Founded in 2017, CloseCross is the global backbone for blockchain based decentralized multi-party trading. A unique online platform opening and expanding the massive global derivatives market to the public as a way of predicting market movements, CloseCross provides easy access to a peer-to-peer derivatives trading platform. Close Cross Limited has offices in London and a subsidiary in Malta – Close Cross (Malta) Ltd. For more information go to

Delivering a unique experience with the latest and most innovative way to trade on the financial markets, CloseCross only charges commission on profitable trades. Close Cross (Malta) Limited is MIFID licensed in terms of the Investment Services Act (Cap 370) as a Category 2 in Malta and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (Licence number: IS92480). The platform will operate under the MFSA FinTech Regulatory Sandbox for a period of 12 months starting from February 2021. Multiparty derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money. You should consider whether you understand how the platform products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Quotes, Graphs and Information presented have been included for information purposes only and shall not be construed as investment advice. For more information on associated risks please go to

Vaibhav Kadikar, CEO of CloseCross, said “We are extremely proud of getting noticed by an established and well respected trader academy. We will be happy to provide the information and resources needed for the academy to help spread the word on the many benefits of our platform. This promises to be a true win-win”

Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly CEO Karnav Shah expressed, “It’s  exciting to  to provide exposure  for   a company like CloseCross which is the global backbone for blockchain based decentralized Multi-party trading. A unique online platform opening and expanding the massive global derivatives market to the public in way of predicting on market movements. CloseCross provides easy access to a peer-to-peer derivative trading platform. The Platinum Crypto  Academy looks forward to working with CloseCross on providing maximum exposure to the crypto community. We say look forward to the upcoming edition of Cryptoniare weekly to find out more about CloseCross.

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