Artex was invented to revolutionize the way people invest in real art and to give everyday people a chance to be a part of it. Artex has its own token running on the Binance blockchain and developed its own art exchanging platform that you can visit here

What does Artex offer you?

Artex lists real artworks on their platform that are going to be tokenized on the blockchain. Therefore, users will be given the chance to buy parts of a valuable artwork that is usually sold in one piece for a much higher price. 

Artex is already the number one real art trading platform in the cryptoverse. They have already launched their first listing “Decision of Heart” (DOH) from Mustafa Mutlu a well known award winning turkish artist and they are excited to add more listings from famous artists as well as unique NFT’s that users can only find and purchase on their platform.

To be a part of their ecosystem and to have a chance to invest in one of their artworks, users must first purchase their native token $Artex on either Pancakeswap, ProBit or Bitmart. After purchasing some $Artex tokens you must register on their platform and send your artex on it. Then you simply choose one of the artworks you desire, make an order and wait for it to be filled or you can buy instantly as well to complete the process.

Artex’s Future Plans

They are excited to let you experience their or soon to be your artworks from a whole new perspective with the integration of their Metaverse art gallery museum. It will be finished within the next few months and will let you experience your art in a fully 3D world. In addition they will add unique NFT’s to their platform that are derived from real artworks which they launched on their platform. Those you can only purchase via an auction and will only be sold completely so those are yours and only yours. You will be able to trade them normally like every other NFT on opensea or other marketplaces. Of course, new listings are on the way as well and they will keep improving their platform after launching their metaverse gallery to keep it competitive in the scene. 

Artex is a “phenomenal investment opportunity with its tokenized real art system” as their CEO Orlando Gere likes to say- quote from him: “Looking back, investing in art would have been a phenomenal strategy especially over the last decade. If you combine that potential with crypto you find yourself in a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Artex is eager to partner up with famous artists and galleries around the globe and it is just a matter of time when everyone knows about Artex.

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Artex Contract Address: 0xf1b032e7225d1c9068ce317a956a0e8007591ba0

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