There is no doubt that the crypto fine arts industry is growing rapidly. With the rapid pace of technological development, the art market and its community are experiencing rapid change. Since the adoption of blockchain in the art market, artists, collectors, and galleries have been experiencing new opportunities. Investing in Fine Art through Artex brings the best benefits for both collectors and artists.

Artex is a blockchain-based platform where investors can engage in art investing and trading at any time. The platform is designed for users to buy first-class artwork according to their budgets. The working model of Artex is developed in consultation with investors, artists, auction houses, and galleries. Artex also has an auction system, allowing art owners to list their artwork in the auction system to generate income.

Why Artex?

  • We are creating liquidity for the stalled art market.
  • Ensure the security of artwork using a blockchain-based platform.
  • Increase the distribution of art market funds more fairly.
  • Top academics certify fine art valuations.
  • Assist in providing outstanding transparency for art and artist rights.

Artex is an official partner of the Binance Smart Chain, which means you’ll have low transaction fees and fast transactions. Further, Artex also collaborates with NFTrade in NFT farming. Artex Token is a utility token in the Artex ecosystem. There is only a limited token supply of 100 million Artex tokens, from which only 50 million will circulate in the first year. The project gives you a promising future since it is the only platform for exhibiting fine art in the world. Through this project, Artex aims to facilitate hassle-free trade with fine art. The art community is encouraged to invest in authentic and valuable art instead of being distracted by the crypto rush.

Difference between NFTs and Artex artifact tokenization

Even people who are not interested in cryptocurrencies or the art markets are talking about NFTs lately. The biggest reason for this is the rapid spread of sensational news about NFTs on social media. The fact that digital works, which are even debatable as works of art, find buyers for much higher amounts of money than many classical works of art, causes the public to perceive the concept of NFT as insanity.

First, let’s start by defining the concept of NFT. NFT is the abbreviation of “Non-fungile token”. Was it descriptive? Probably not… NFT is a value created by registering a digital asset with cookies on a blockchain by means of smart contracts. This unique value cannot be changed or divided in any way. It is this uniqueness and immutability that makes NFTs a commercial commodity.

The NFT concept can be used in digital areas where uniqueness is valuable. The fields of play and art come to the fore. Digital artists, who have recently been almost ignored by the traditional art market, have started to earn income from the artworks they produce thanks to the NFTs they have issued. There are cases where physical works of art are also converted into NFTs. It is possible to think of the concept of NFT as the reality document of a digital artwork. This immutable document ensures the uniqueness of digital artworks that can be easily copied under normal conditions.

The tokens we list on Artex are designed to facilitate the buying and selling of artworks like cryptocurrencies, similar to NFTs. But we have to say that these tokens are not NFTs.

First of all, for a work of art to be NFT, all or at least an integral part of the work must be digital. Although there are various methods for converting physical artworks to NFT, it is necessary to compromise the physical integrity or commercial potential of the work in order to create uniqueness in all of these methods. Dividing the physical artifact into parts or completely destroying the artifact are among these methods.

As Artex, we tokenize the economic value created by the physical artworks instead of converting them to NFT. In this way, it opens the way for works that were not created to be NFTs to become investment tools that large masses can participate without destroying their physical integrity. Instead of an irreversible destructive transformation such as destroying or dismantling the physical artifact, we ensure that large masses benefit from this commercial potential by breaking down the commercial benefit created only during the time the work is under our management.

The fact that we tokenize the works we include in our system as a result of the evaluations made by experts in their fields also makes it easier for Artex users to invest in an environment with lower risk. While the value of an NFT artifact fluctuates greatly over time, the tokens we list on Artex become a less risky investment option thanks to the value of physical artifacts.

Technical Details
Artex Contract Address: 0xf1b032e7225d1c9068ce317a956a0e8007591ba0

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