Following the launch of its innovative gold-backed crypto in March, leading US-based resource company, Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), is pleased to confirm that it has extended its partnership with Platinum Crypto Academy. This continuity further strengthens the brand’s commitment to the crypto industry as it sets sights on expanding into El Salvador.

Focusing on the production, supply, and sale of precious metals to the Asian markets, US-based Asia Broadband, Inc. utilizes its expertise and experience to facilitate its innovative distribution process from its production in Mexico to its clients across Asia. In March 2021, the Company launched their AABB Gold (AABBG) token, backed by 100% physical gold mined from Latin America.


The extension of the partnership with Platinum Crypto Academy is just part of AABB’s continued expansion. The company recently announced it is establishing a significant presence in Central America, building demand for its AABB Gold token in El Salvador. 

To do this, the company has created a dedicated Spanish version of its AABB Wallet and token website and will be targeting several major Salvadorian retailers to engage in acceptance and processing agreements. It will also be offering substantial commission and discount incentives. 

El Salvador offers a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency thanks to the country recently adopting Bitcoin as its legal tender, creating a crypto-focused economy that provides an unrivalled growth opportunity for AABB. 

Alongside the expansion into El Salvador, AABB is also preparing for the launch of its proprietary cryptocurrency exchange. This significant milestone marks an important step in the company’s growth, with the Exchange offering a host of functionality designed to maximize market penetration. The company will also be continuously developing the Exchange to implement various new modules designed for brokers, issuance of crypto-secured loans, credit and gift cards, and connection to retail chains.


Gold has been used as a commodity for thousands of years, and still today central banks and governments across the globe use the resource to store value. The unique AABB Gold cryptocurrency is a hybrid solution that is backed 100% by physical gold, providing an asset that perfectly blends stability and accessibility. 

This means that as gold increases in price, AABB Gold tokens will increase too, making it the perfect choice for those looking for an investment opportunity or making purchase-related transactions. 

Speaking on the extension with Platinum Crypto Academy, Chris Torres, CEO of Asia Broadband, Inc., said, “We are really pleased to have confirmed a renewal with the Platinum Crypto Academy community. They have been a vital asset in helping us expand the reach and awareness of our AABB Gold tokens and Wallet, alongside helping to inform users about the many benefits that come from our gold-backed solution.

2021 has been an incredibly exciting time for AABB, and we are working hard to expand our offering even further over the coming months. From the move into El Salvador to our launch of the proprietary cryptocurrency exchange, we are working to strengthen our position in the crypto market and look ahead to the future.” 

Commenting on the potential of the Asia Broadband project, CEO of Platinum Crypto Academy Mr. Karnav Shah said “It is exciting for Platinum to again extend our exposure to a Project like Asia Broadband and we are certain that our readers and subscribers would be happy to read in more detail about Asia Broadband’s Expansion to El Salvador. We will be eagerly sharing more information about the project in the coming Cryptonaire weekly editions, do look forward to it!”

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