The Asimi token economy stands to benefit millions of people worldwide who wish to expand their online businesses. And its goal is to make mining the most simple and rewarding experience for users.

Asimi provides free access to the world of cryptocurrency, making it accessible to thousands of users worldwide. With value-based utility tokens, it can be a real asset within online advertising. Since its launch, Asimi has been sold, used for purchases, earned as affiliate commissions, and served over 1 billion advertisements.

ASIMI is expanding very rapidly in terms of project development and bringing in new functionality to the token utility. ASIMI is constantly engaging with like minded people who are the real industry leaders in marketing, promotion, partnership, development, compliance etc.

New project development roadmap includes a brand new ASIMI mobile App to give a new outlook to the project dashboard, token earned, socialising with other fellow members, earning rewards and much more.

ASIMI is already listed on some major exchanges and currently being traded in P2PB2B and HitBTC. Stay tuned for latest updates on ASIMI.

Discussing the ASIMI Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah noted: “It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons. We are truly excited to share the ASIMI project and explaining how it harnesses blockchain technology to offer a complete tokenized economy symbiotically helping advertisers and putting money in the hands of people that need it most. We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

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