ASIMI Token: Universal Online Business Solution for Advertisers and Crypto Enthusiasts

ASIMI, an ads minting platform designed for mass adoption, is delivering a decentralised economy targeting online businesses for better online visibility and earning opportunity. This gesture not only boosts business performance but it also allows individuals to run businesses on their own terms. 

ASIMI can be used as a source of income as well as a source for generating traffic for ads. 

Earn free ASIMI tokens from successful completion of tasks online, watching suggested ads, playing games, and/or completing surveys. In terms of generating traffic, you will be able to access online marketing tools that will provide access to a large database of individuals with similar interests. 

Listing on in April 

The ASIMI token has gained recognition in the market with its presence in a number of exchanges such as CoinMarketCap, HitBTC, and P2PB2B.  

Come April 2022, the ASIMI token will also be listed on, the world’s first social infused exchange, to boost coverage and access to the mass market. 

New ASIMI website 

For better quality targeted advertising, we are developing a new website. We guarantee better features, a user-friendly interface to cater for the mass market, while at the same time retaining our core values (honesty, transparency, reliability, and trust). 

With the new website, we continue to deliver innovation that will give individuals and investors a powerful marketplace. 

Gone are the days when you have to pay for online ads that did not reap any benefits to your business. To individuals seeking to create a balance between online business presence and a substantial crypto income, ASIMI is the platform that will meet your needs, wants, and preferences.

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