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Todays article is a different tone one which some readers may tap into their inner sci fiction desires to only for a second explore and entertain the idea of space travel and asteroid mining and what impact the blockchain industry can bring to this exciting and revolutionary space.

Asteroids, unlocking the untold wealth.

We’re living at a remarkable time in history, what has been called the “final frontier”. We looked up to the sky, as little ones, and saw the twinkle of the stars, some of us may have even wished upon them as they shot across the sky. It is called Space, for lack of a better term, because it is vast, almost incomprehensible, beautiful, mysterious, ominous at times, and even magical.

One may say that space is for dreamers and little children, for the nerdy scientist, cosmologists, astrophysicists and theoreticians. Yet, recent trends indicate some astounding facts. The drum is beating, and its resonance is being heard. The beat and cadence have stripped the exploration of space from the hallowed halls of the university constrained to the blackboard of equations and theory to the workaday world. Billionaires are lining up, spending their sizable fortunes to create private enterprise to go where “no-one has gone before”.

We need to ask ourselves, “what motivates them?”, “why this sudden interest in space?”, “why are they doing this privately?” and a myriad of other questions, which, for the sake of brevity we shall not explore presently.

Simply, there is vast untold wealth beyond our ability to comprehend in near earth asteroids. Measured, calculated, and determined to be over $700 Quintilian Dollars. Enough for every human being living today to be worth $100 Billion Dollars. It is a frontier rush, not unlike ones that have gone before to be sure.

Outer Space Treaty of 1967

But, and it is a remarkably significant BUT, based on the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which has been signed by over 132 countries, no nation, sovereignty, empire may claim sovereignty of outer space or any celestial body. In other words, space is for everyone, and we, individually may “claim” our right to it.

Remember, when all other frontiers were open, sovereignty was first established for the king or queen, and although the discoverer of the wealth may be remembered in history, the value went to the sovereign.

Claiming Rights To Space

AH! Herein lies the most significant change in all history. We all have been given the right to “claim” space for ourselves and our posterity.

AH! Herein lies the most significant change in all history. We all have been given the right to “claim” space for ourselves and our posterity.

The issue revolves around how does one stake a claim, where are the records kept, how does one validate that claim.

It is interesting to note that over 600,000 asteroids have been identified, valued through what is called spectral analysis, determining the composition, the potential mining attributes with known capabilities today, the distance from the earth, the orbit, the trajectory and perigee and apogee of the heavenly body.

This information is calculated by NASA and ESA and is available in API’s (application program interfaces).

Blockchain Impact On This New Age Gold Rush

Enter the new age of Blockchain ledgers, an immutable ledger whereby we may be able to store a claim. The Blockchain is revolutionary, some say, even more so than the Internet itself.

To think about it in another way, we may ask ourselves a couple of questions; “Who owns the Internet?”, and “if we had claimed .com addresses in the early 2000’s how much money would we have today?” Of course, we could say that the internet is owned by everyone or no-one. We could also correctly conjecture if we had claimed as many .com’s as we could have years ago, we would be multi-millionaires today. Concurrently, the most valued companies in the world today are internet based. Hmm! Interesting to be sure.

There is a confluence of events that will allow us, you and I, to make our claim to space. (1) The Outer Space Treaty clearly defines our right to claim (2) The advent of Blockchain technology allows us to create an immutable record (3) The ability to create a smart contract through the use of cryptocurrency gives us the ability to define and receive compensation in a new currency of space.

The ASTRcoin® is designed to accomplish all the above. In the same way that ICANN, the private company that keeps the record of each .com, a BlockClaim™, obtained through an ASTRcoin®, will keep your immutable record within the blockchain ecosystem. As millions upon millions of people “claim” their inalienable right to space via a BlockClaim™ it will ensure that the exploration of space, and the untold wealth it portends, will be shared by all.

But we must claim, if we do not, then someone will, that is inevitable.

Space is our do-over, where wealth and the advantages it affords each of us, will be and can be distributed in a more sustainable and equal fashion. Through the advent of cryptocurrencies the control of money systems and government manipulation will be rested from the elites and each of us may enjoy the benefits therein.

It is a momentous time, and while uncommon and unique, a significant change is in the air about us. Surprising to many, and a rare and singular opportunity to others.

Just take a moment to hear the cadence of the drum beat and join us in our quest. Together we may be able to make the incredible, credible. Through the unconventional and sometimes puzzling world of cryptocurrencies, extraordinary and crucial unprecedented opportunity abounds.

ASTRcoin® is enticing, some would say, enchanting, but it will be expansive and embraced.

ASTRcoin®, the New Bitcoin of Space!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastic day!

Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastic day!

Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.

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