Bancambios Announces the Launch of its First ESG-driven DeFi INDEX

Bancambios, a multichain impact-driven DeFi ecosystem, is set to launch its first eco-friendly ESG-driven DeFi INDEX to ensure that the worlds of DeFi, AI, and sustainability co-exist. 

Bancambios Institutional-grade ESG-driven DeF trading, built on 4 different blockchain hosting platforms, ensures that you get the best of DeFi to ensure adequate speeds and energy-efficiency. 

We have marked milestones to ensure that the world is a better place. We focus on contributing towards projects that help the environment, provide clean water, promote climate change, as well as clean our oceans without compromising on financial stability of our community members. 

Amazing products to be delivered over the month of May: 

  • Auto-Staking 
  • Ecoswap 
  • Metaverse for education 
  • Trading vaults 
  • Launchpad 
  • NFT Minter (art for good)
  • DAO

The world of cryptocurrency is opening up new opportunities and we have stepped in to provide products that help our community members to grab every possible opportunity in their favor. To purchase and participate in the above, users are required to own $BXS token. 

We are looking at promoting diversity by venturing into more adoptable innovations. We are looking forward to mint Carbon credits merged with BXS token with the 80-20% ratio along-side other innovations such as real estate NFT as well as APY on stable coin in Solana. 

In the month of May, we seek to revolutionize the concept between crypto and blockchain as well as investment so we can connect finance and sustainability. Join us as we combine decentralized finance, artificial intelligence and sustainability to enhance global participation, provide automated contributions to the environment, as well as offer speed light trading programmable eco-finance.

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