As blockchain technology evolves, it will have a dramatic impact on nearly every aspect of commerce. Blockchain is changing the way we do everything, from financial transactions to medical services. The adult industry is also embracing blockchain to make business operations more efficient. Currently, adult industries are facing a number of obstacles that prevent them from entering the crypto market. These obstacles include legal restrictions, a lack of transparency, and a lack of safety. That’s where bitcci comes in. The bitcci protocol provides sex workers with full transparency, blockchain-based payments, and a secure environment. Below is a short overview of the project.

What is bitcci?

bitcci was founded in 2017 with the purpose of tokenising the sex industry. In just five years, Christoph Elbert, CEO, built the company from a mere $500. bitcci enables the sex industry to overcome the challenges and establish an innovative culture of acceptance, trust, and reliability. The program aims to change people’s perspectives and perceptions of sexual services to prevent them from associating them with negative associations.

This is what bitcci offers!

Providing stability to sex workers

The bitcci platform provides sex workers with a level of trust and stability. bitcci’s business model provides an inclusive package that addresses the particular needs of sex workers.

Native Payment Token uniquely yours

Since its inception in July 2017, bitcci has made significant progress, which will culminate in an ICO for its native token; ”bitcci Cash Token”. The bitcci Cash Token is a payment token that is used for buying services within the bitcci ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token. Bridges to other Blockchains are under development too.

Crypto Payments

The majority of sex workers face challenges getting bank accounts or a credit cards. Because of this, most of the transactions took place in cash. bitcci developed the bitcci cash token that allows sex workers to receive payment in crypto. In turn, this will contribute to better stability and control of overspending in the sex industry. 

bitcci Nightclubs

Putting up nightclubs began with repurposing the available building and enlarging it. The bitcci Cash Token will be used for paying entry fees to bitcci nightclubs, bar tabs at restaurants, and bar and restaurant bills. Additionally, members have access to premium services and events at bitcci nightclubs.

An Improved Communication Tool

bitcci encourages employees and customers to treat one another respectfully to maintain business credibility. bitcci guarantees security for sex workers and assists them whenever needed, since they are registered with the company. The bitcci IT platform offers a communication tool that facilitates the exchange of physical and digital information between the sex workers. bitcci cloud services include chat, live video, paid telephony, and even digital content sales, such as photography and recorded videos.

Final Words

Globally, the sexual industry is undergoing a major change as its value doubles. In the sex industry, the bitcci Group introduced blockchain tokens as a solution for shortcoming and problems. Those working in the sex industry will find it easy to set up a safe and secure foundation with bitcci. The use of bitcci solutions is revolutionising the sex industry. It is possible for people to purchase bitcci Cash Tokens at the best available prices. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to buy.

Considering the potential of the bitcci project, the Editor in Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr Karnav Shah, stated “bitcci is a great way to standardize nightclubs and enhance the lives of sex workers by providing transparency, tokenizing the adult industry and giving quality lifestyles. It is my pleasure to share with our readers. This is a potential project to restructure the sex industry in the new age. I will keep our viewers updated on the progress of this cool project.”

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