The $SHIBA token from BitShiba was created in 2021. $SHIBA is a fully compliant bep-20 token that exists on Binance Smart Chain. This token is limited in supply and does not have a new minting feature. There were no pre-sales, and no team tokens were issued. $SHIBA is a fully decentralised token with a supply of 1,000 trillion tokens. 50% of those tokens have been burned, and the other 50% have been added to the liquidity pool. 

To ensure a safe trading environment for all future $SHIBA users, a large portion of liquidity has been locked into a Unicrypt smart contract until 2099. This means that the entire supply is in circulation. The BitShiba token was launched through PancakeSwap as a fair launch, so the entire token supply is in the hands of BitShiba community members.

What is the BitShiba project?

BitShiba is a community-based project that seeks to provide equal financial opportunity to people from all over the world. Holders of $SHIBA will be the ones making decisions about BitShiba’s future through the use of a DAO. Considering that decentralisation and strong communities are two of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency, BitShiba is focused on building and maintaining its community. Due to the project’s commitment to no man left behind, all community members are empowered to succeed.

BitShiba Project’s Future Plans

Several aspects of the project are being worked on to make it the best. The project has been audited by Unicrypt and Certik and has been found very secure. Soon, Nextgen NFTs will be launched alongside crypto outreach programs. According to BitShiba, the company will add new features to the project and aim to enter the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. For those of you looking for a great investment opportunity, this project might be right for you.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, recently revealed the potential of the project, stating: “$SHIBA is community-driven, which means the community will be able to make crucial decisions about the project. Since they will be coming out with NFTs soon, BitShiba coin’s future looks bright. BitShiba coin has over 28k token holders and is still growing, making it a reliable project. Further, I’ll keep you all posted as to how things go with the coin.”

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