Carbon Offset Certificate demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to sustainability, reduction of carbon emissions.

Rowan Energy Blockchain announces the next stage of its go-live process, happening next month.

In September, Rowan Energy will be making live its first 100 users in a live test scheme. This roll-out will allow for live testing of the network architecture, the rewards system, and the mining process for the individual and master nodes.

Home solar users generating their own renewable energy and recording it through their Smart Miner into the Rowan Blockchain, will be generating tokenised carbon offset certificates (REC) and earning RWN in real-time.

Each user is expected to generate approximately 20kw per day of renewable energy, resulting in 2000kw of energy to be recorded for a carbon offset certificate each day.

While the generating user will be rewarded by Rowan for producing their REC, this carbon offset certificate can then be sold to suitable businesses looking to offset their carbon footprint using a 100% green source.

As the data is stored in the blockchain all participants, from the originating node through to the carbon offset certificate (REC) purchasers will be able to validate the data and ensure the energy source truly is green, rather than just being “greenwashed”.

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As part of this process, Rowan Energy is happy to announce they are ready to partner with companies looking to offset their own carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon offset certificate (RECs).

This process will allow companies to quickly and easily buy their carbon offset certificates, when required, from a source they are confident is renewable.

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