Content creation and consumption is a vital part of the human ecosystem. For most people, they utilize their social media accounts even without getting rewarded. 

“Contents are everywhere, we see them on TV, blog posts, our social media etc. What isn’t common is monetization of contents for the makers and the consumers”


CBerry has built the first content platform on the Binance Smart Chain, a content platform that would allow all types of content and reward both content makers and consumers in more than one way.

CBerry aims at becoming the goto for contents within the Blockchain industry.

The content platform recently closed a $200,000 fundraiser campaign via it’s IEO in our first round with the second round currently ongoing, we aim to raise an additional $600,000.

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“Best thing about CBerry is that we plan to grow not only ourselves but with our users as well. Our WhitePaper outlines our plan to bring up good content makers who have little to no exposure every week for more exposure on the platform, first of its kind.

CBerry has designed an ecosystem that will pay content creators an average of $30 per content. The steps to get started is very easy. “


The team plans on releasing the V2 of the content platform which would come with relevant content features for our users.

CBerry will incorporate a DeFi infrastructure which would include Swap, laon, staking and Farming in addition to the content platform.

2 top exchange listings immediately after the IEO is planned as well as a listing on Pancake Swap. Additional marketing push and potential partnerships within the crypto industry in works as well.


CBerry is a content platform on the Binance Smart Chain and plans to leverage DeFi power to reward users for quality content and also packs a DeFi system of Swap and Loan infrastructure to create a solid content creation and reward ecosystem.

CBerry token is a BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain. The token will power the Cberry ecosystem. WIth ticker CBY, the token is leveraging Binance Smart Chain’s speed, robustness and low fees to deliver the most rewarding content sharing system.



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