Charitable Giving Gets a Boost with New Cryptocurrency 3QualiTY

Newly launched fintech firm, 3QualiTy, provides a bridge between cryptocurrencies and charitable giving. While on a mission to offer relief to numerous communities in need, the company is also creating a platform where donors who give access multiple streams of revenue. 

With a #Give2Earn mission, 3QualiTy , a New York-based company founded in January 2022, exists “to help those who really need help no matter the person’s color, class or belief system without bias by securing the interface between charity and decentralized ledger technology.

This equitable and transparent approach offers a fair opportunity in life by providing the tools necessary to restore independence, mental wellness and dignity.” [Company mission statement]

3QualiTy Founder and CEO Nicholas Chandler has traded in the cryptocurrency space for a number of years and says his own early struggles as a child motivated him and his decision to launch.

“Growing up, I was super poor and my mother struggled to provide for her three children. We made it after fighting a battle, which throughout we felt like we were losing. We wanted to give up many times,” says Chandler. “Everyone does not  have the strength nor do they get the opportunity to fight against all odds as we were. Creating this platform was absolutely necessary because I know struggle and I can relate to so many out there who are still struggling”.

To achieve platform goals, company founders recently launched a pre-sale where interested parties may find prices of the new $3QT token as low as $.00045. In turn, the public sale on the exchanges are contracted to launch at $.0012.

“The pre-sale is just one aspect of our #Give2Earn ethos,” says 3QualiTy co-founder and COO Nicole Franklin. “Upon launch, our app keeps the community of crypto donors in mind and offers sustainable paths to earn and keep giving. That’s the key–for no one to fail.”

Post launch, donors of any amount are able to participate in numerous revenue streams via the 3QualiTy app:  The proprietary 3QualiTy Treasure Hunt where players acquire free cryptocurrency while participating, staking at 30% APR, and trades during a profitable market.

Advertisers displayed on the 3QualiTy Treasure Hunt provide a majority of company revenues. The 3QualiTy team is firm in their statement that 15% of all profits post-launch will be distributed to their charity wallet, which holds currency to serve individual charitable cases and causes vetted by a global band of volunteers.

Information about the 3QualiTy launch and charitable partnerships may be found at and on Telegram at

About 3QualiTy

3QualiTy is a fintech company that offers an easy solution to charitable giving. Through our digital token, 3QT, and our philosophy “Every Human is Equal,” charity and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. Visit the company  website at

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the 3Quality project, he explained, “3QualiTy is the easy solution to charitable giving. At a time when so many need so much, others have found fortune in cryptocurrency and they are ready to share the wealth with the help of 3Quality. Projects like 3Quality are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

“The main purpose for forming 3Quality is to channel some of the wealth circulating in blockchain technology towards persons who need assistance and organizations who are actively giving assistance and saving lives. Getting the word out there is critical and Platinum Crypto-Academy provides an excellent avenue to reach those who need help and those who are willing to help.”, Says CEO Nicholas Chandler.

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