CHARITY TOKEN SALE: Crypto with a Cause to Better the World

Charity Token, the world’s first social-investing platform, is providing a revolutionary new way to fundraise sustainably, allowing individuals to receive tokens for their generosity.

By purchasing Charity Tokens, you automatically become a Social investor, as you will be placing your cash/investment value with us in our network. In turn, the different charities will receive tokens to sell or invest in. Charity does not have to be about giving away with nothing or very little to show for it. With Charity Token, participants will not only give but also earn, stake and donate.

As a DeFi investing platform, Charity Token provides a mutually beneficial community for both charities and individuals to not only build investment capital pools but also to generate new revenue streams. As a P2P based app, you will receive 1% of the transactions as an equal distribution for all participants, thus promoting equality and a fairer capital distribution in the markets. Its custom crypto wallet is NFT compatible and it is compatible with Android and Apple Store applications, making it compatible with many smart devices.

You and everyone else has the opportunity to change the world by helping those in need while at the same time making returns from your generous donations.

Charity Token Pre-Sale

Charity Token is planning for a pre-sale that is scheduled to take place over a period of one week, from May 1st to May 7th. Individuals will be able to purchase Charity Tokens at a more affordable rate awaiting the official launch of the sale. However, it is important to note that these tokens will only be distributed after the public launch when we open for trade.

Charity Token Launch

Charity Token Launch is scheduled to take place on July 1st, which will be termed as “The Token Generation Event”. After the launch, the tokens will be automatically allocated to the individuals’/investors’ wallets. You will then enjoy liquidity as trading becomes available.

Articulating the Charity Token project’s solutions, Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said, “Charity Token is a revolutionary new application for distributing charitable contributions. I’m sure learning about Charity Token’s solution is an enriching experience for both our analysts and readers. I am positive, we will be the first to share the new developments taking place with the Charity Token project.”

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