Second Token by CleanCarbon

The second global pre-sale of CARBO tokens of the CleanCarbon project will begin this Sunday, May 08, 2022 and will only be open to everyone and there will be no whitelisting, the CleanCarbon team said.

Each user can only purchase up to 50 BNB worth of CARBO, as the CleanCarbon team does not want big players holding too many tokens and significantly affect the market. There is no lockup and CARBO tokens can be transferred right after they are distributed, which will happen an hour after the launch of PancakeSwap.

The price will be the same as during the pre-sale and 1 BNB will be equivalent to 8,000 CARBO tokens. The PancakeSwap will be launched a few weeks after the pre-sale phase is completed. This will allow them to create enough buzz around the project to ensure strong buying pressure at the PancakeSwap launch and beyond.

CleanCarbon will partially use the funds collected from its global token pre-sale to finance the pilot project installation and fund the project’s treasury. The latter will be responsible for investments in other projects related to blockchain and Decentralised Finance (DeFi). 

The CleanCarbon project combines the benefits of DeFi with the physical waste-to-energy installations. It is the first asset-backed, community driven blockchain project that cleans our planet Earth with new technology and a dedicated team that is working to make change happen locally first in the Canary Islands in Spain, before setting sail for global markets. 

After the first waste-to-energy installation is completed and becomes operational in Fuerteventura, a part of the generated profits will be used to buy back the CARBO tokens from the exchanges. The purchased tokens will then be burned, thereby paving the way for a premium attached to the prices. 

The token side of the project will help finance the physical installation and create extra project utilities while the physical side will help stabilise and increase the token’s price in the future. Moreover, in case of any unforeseeable problems affecting any one part of the CleanCarbon project, the other part will be able to chip and help.  

In terms of the physical utilities of the CARBO tokens, it may be accepted as a means of payment by some of CleanCarbon’s partners and can be used locally to reward users for sustainable activities. It will also connect sensors in the installations with blockchain applications. The physical utilities will begin to be implemented from the first quarter of 2022, when they will also apply for European Union (EU) subventions. 

As for the financial utilities, the token burning events will create scarcity of the CARBO tokens in the market and generate a passive income for the users. Besides, there will be continuous marketing and supporting of life-saving foundations through charity donations. The goal of CleanCarbon is to implement new ideas into old business models, spark innovation and speed up the transition towards a greener planet which we all aspire to live on.

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