BeatBind is providing token holders and existing partners with updated information and the status of the project launch.

BeatBind is the world’s first decentralized blockchain event organization and talent auction platform that will allow artists and venues to focus only on providing unforgettable experiences to their fanbase. We aim to connect three key players in music event coordination: venue owners, performers, and fans. Our innovative solution will be supported with BBND, a universal cryptocurrency token for the music industry.

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BeatBind intends to solve music event related problems through the development of its Platform and wider event organization ecosystem. The key idea is to allow all participants in the ecosystem to efficiently connect and interact. BeatBind will capitalize on the high demand for the best artists, organizers, and venues and increase artist booking rates significantly using various auction models. BeatBind will give rising artists more opportunities both locally and globally. Furthermore, fans will be able to directly purchase tickets from organizers of all events created on BeatBind, preventing fraud, forgery, and ticket scalping.

BeatBind will offer a new creative solution for concerts, festivals, and exclusive parties. As the Platform scales, barriers of entry will be lowered significantly for all parties. And finally, BBND as the official utility token will capture a significant part of the new value, which will be created for the first time in the world on BeatBind.

BeatBind has no limitations in terms of niche restrictions or seasonality. The business model can be expanded, and the technology easily adapted, to include numerous other sectors related to event organization. Currently, there are five big event categories relevant for the early expansion of BeatBind.

Cumulatively, the total current estimated valuation of BeatBind’s addressable market exceeds $30B. BeatBind initially will target, address, and improve multiple categories of the music event space, all through its innovative and disruptive platform and ecosystem.

BeatBind is developing a multi-stage business model with each level being foundational and accretive to the following platform level, to tackle each of the industry’s four prevailing issues with the creation of BeatBidder, BeatBuy, BeatX, BeatAI.

The Platform will give an incentive in BBND for every user referred to the Platform, as well as a percentage of all proceeds that the referee generated for BeatBind. In the earliest phases post-launch, there will also be an unconditional bonus in BBND for all users of the BeatBind Platform.

Syed Akash CTO of BeatBind stated “We will innovate quickly and disrupt the entertainment industry by creating a layered platform that will remove the word fragmented from this space.”

Discussing Beatbind’s practical utility for musicians and event organisers, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah asserts: “Projects that aim to provide practical utility leveraging blockchain technology to simplify rather complex and expensive business processes tend to be at the forefront in the long run. Beatbind’s solution provides value for the prominent stakeholders in the multi-billion dollar music industry. There is no doubt that Beatbind will bring about shapeshifting changes – it’s only a matter of time. We are very pleased to introduce our readers and Platinum Crypto Academy’s members to this highly promising project.”

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