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The market of cryptocurrencies has revived in recent years, and the growth of all outstanding cryptocurrencies have experienced a positive process.


The market of cryptocurrencies has revived in recent years, and the growth of all outstanding cryptocurrencies have experienced a positive process. The news of free public offering of Counos Coin can have an acceptable effect on the positive economic role of cryptocurrencies. Counos platform intends to raise the demand for the market of cryptocurrencies via public and free offering of Counos Coin to the users. This decision can change Counos Coin into a decentralized coin.


Bitcoin entered the field of financial technology in 2009. Although Bitcoin is currently considered the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, it didn’t have any dramatic financial value in the very beginning of its advent. In April 2011, Bitcoin had a value equal to one dollar, and on June 21, 2019, this cryptocurrency experiences a value of $10700. Only in 8 years, the value of Bitcoin has grown more than ten thousand times. Almost everyone who knows a little about the market of cryptocurrencies has wished he would have saved some amount of its capital on Bitcoin. This capital has had an unprecedented growth in a short run.

The fast growth of the Bitcoin price has many reasons. The limitation in the number of Bitcoins (total number of to-be-mined coins will ultimately approach a figure about 21 million), the increase of welcoming cyberspace users to trade with Bitcoin and also a wide database of investment, all ended in exorbitant growth of Bitcoin. Although the primary objective of generating Bitcoin was to combat the financial monopoly in the context of online financial trades, by including great investors in this market, a large volume of trades is merely limited to a specific minority group in Bitcoin network in time. It is estimated that more than 40% of the volume of Bitcoin capital is in 1000 digital wallets. This issue has caused a change in the decentralized financial structure of Bitcoin.

Counos Platform intends to minimize similar problems in addition to achieving positive features through offering a strategy based on the experience of successful cryptocurrencies. According to the official notice by Counos platform, Counos coin will be distributed publicly among all users who register in this platform and install its wallet. Counos Coin has a similar structure to Bitcoin, and only 21 million of this coin will be mined. The limited number of mined coins can cause anti-inflation structure and balanced growth of its price in the future. More than 16,800,000 Counos Coins have been mined, and Counos platform wants to distribute 15 million of these coins among all users who register in this platform freely. This public and free offering of this cryptocurrency which experiences an appropriate trade in exchanges such as southxchangee can strengthen its decentralized application. All of these issues can have interesting results and probability of repeating this Bitcoin capital increase might not be far-fetched for Counos Coin too.


The public offering of a cryptocurrency can result in dramatic advantages. This issue can guarantee and stabilize the decentralized structure of Counos Coin more than any other. As it was pointed out before, the primary purpose of Bitcoin was to create a decentralized financial structure, but with including huge investments, a large volume of Bitcoin capital is kept by a limited number of investors. The public offering of Counos Coin can avoid the repetition of aggregating investment. On the other hand, through removing the ownership of Counos Coin and its public offering, the Counos founder can raise its stable price growth. Moreover, this public offering of cryptocurrency can significantly increase active users in the financial platform; this increase will bring about positive evolutions in the market of cryptocurrencies in addition to its direct effect on value increase of Counos Coin.


Counos Coin has promised to hold a ten-thousand-dollar lottery every six months. Those who have at least one Counos Coin in their wallet will take part in this lottery.

The strategy of frequent lottery can cause the increase in trades in Counos platform.


Counos platform has taken other steps in financial markets based on Blockchain before the public offering of Counos Coin. Generating stablecoins based on credible global currencies and stablecoins based on precious metals are among measures taken by Counos financial platform. Counos Cash stablecoins (based on Swiss franc), Counos E (based on Euro), Counos U (based on USD) and Counos CAD (based on Canadian dollar) are cryptocurrencies with the stable price which facilitate international financial trades. These stablecoins always have a fixed value equal to the fiat currency of the countries.

On the other hand, Counos Gold and Counos Silver, are cryptocurrencies based on gold and silver, which can be applied as a source of investment in addition to facilitating global financial trades.

Counos platform has started establishing financial services according to Blockchain technology too. Counos decentralized and centralized currency exchange services will be launched in the coming week. Counos decentralized exchange system lets the users address buying and selling cryptocurrencies needless to any middleman.

Counos Escrow service can also be used as a financial service to increase the confidence level of financial contracts, buying and selling goods and services via Blockchain technology.

The free public offering of Counos Coin and giving various services can be effective in the future development of the market of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

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