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Chilean cryptocurrency instant exchange service Cripto InterCambio API is now available for developers, applications, and websites that work with cryptocurrencies. The API integration will allow operations such as instant crypto exchanges between 100+ cryptocurrencies – instantly, anonymously and securely.

Integration of Cripto InterCambio API will enhance capabilities of third party businesses with instant crypto exchanges between 100+ top cryptocurrencies available on the market. The API integration will provide businesses with additional income in the form of a commission for the exchange.


What Does API stand for?

API is the acronym for Application Program Interface. In a few words, APIs are a way of integrating different systems, generating new applications, streamlining processes and creating new business opportunities.

Cripto InterCambio API is compatible with crypto-wallets, outside services or white-label crypto exchanges. When integrating the API you can set your own commission rates on top of Cripto InterCambio’s commision which is fixed and accounts for 0.5% of the transaction amount. API partners can implement Cripto InterCambio features by sending a request to developers team support@criptointercambio.com

Everyone can set his own commission rates when using Cripto InterCambio API. Each transaction cost will be calculated by adding the Cripto InterCambio commission to the commission established by your company. You just need to contact the team at support@criptointercambio.com

The algorithm can be used in various technologies and applications. Here are some examples:


Digital markets

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming popular, especially in Latin America. Accepting crypto payments can be an excellent way to achieve a wide niche market with great purchasing power. Through Cripto InterCambio API, it is possible to work with the main currencies available on the market, exchanging them quickly and safely.

Virtual wallets

Crypto InterCambio service integration can be very powerful regardless of any type of wallet (cloud, desktop, mobile or hardware). The exchange platform offers easy access to more than one hundred currencies, with all the benefits of services: excellent quotes, low transaction costs, and complete anonymity.

Blockchain Platforms

In the next few years, blockchain technology promises to be one of the internet’s main columns, as it will generate innovative solutions in all sectors of society. The blockchain main applications are in finance, copyright, file sharing, corporate loyalty programs, etc.

If your platform has its own token, you can integrate it into Cripto InterCambio services to exchange it for more than one hundred cryptocurrencies.


Integration with the Cripto InterCambio API is quite simple. You can consult the complete API documentation by clicking on this link.

In order to use Cripto InterCambio API, you will need an API key. Please contact the team at marketing@criptointercambio.com to obtain it.

Should you have any further questions about how to carry out the integration, please contact support team at support@criptointercambio.com


110 types of cryptocurrencies

Cripto InterCambio offers access to the most used cryptocurrencies on the market. Besides Bitcoin, we work with altcoins, stablecoins, and tokens, totaling more than 110 types of cryptocurrencies.

The best rates in the market

Cripto InterCambio service is integrated with the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. When exchanging two currencies, our powerful algorithm searches among thousands of quotes and suggests the best price at that exact moment.

Security and anonymity

Cripto InterCambio is a non-custodial exchange, which means that we do not store our users’ funds. Our service exchanges client’s funds as soon as they are sent, and transfer them back immediately to the user’s final destination. Each exchange takes between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. In addition, we do not work with any type of KYC. In other words, registration is not required to use our services. This helps de-bureaucratizing the exchange between cryptocurrencies and guarantees the complete anonymity of our users.

You can find more information on https://criptointercambio.com/en

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