Cryptonaire Weekly, the number one crypto trading magazine, by Platinum Crypto Academy, will be publishing its 200th Edition, keeping you updated on the latest cryptocurrency developments. Cryptonaire Weekly is proud to announce the publishing of its 200th edition of the magazine this week, since it was established in 2017.

There is always something new and exciting in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field, and staying up to date opens up opportunities to crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. Just as the name suggests, Cryptonaire Weekly releases a new edition every week in regards to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In the last 199 editions, subscribers have been able to obtain information regarding crypto trade opportunities, reports on new and existing coins, as well as any developments and advancements in the crypto sphere. 

Marking the 200th Cryptonaire Weekly Edition, it will be released this week following the ongoing consistent trend without failure. For more than three years now, it is evident that Cryptonaire Weekly has delivered without failure, not only crypto enthusiasts but also to everyone seeking to gain more knowledge about digital currency and blockchain technology. 

It is important that investors are able to make sound decisions regarding the crypto market. We ensure that we bring you crypto analysis coverage, backed by information from industry experts and professionals. Karnav Shah, Director of Platinum Media Services and Co-founder and Chief Editor of Cryptonaire Weekly, is and will be working towards ensuring that the entire team comes together to retain reliability, high quality, and up to date content.

There is much more to cryptocurrency that knowing about the existing coins and tokens. The crypto market is inclusive of blockchain projects, and in an effort to have a better understanding of what to expect, it is important to remain up to date and in the limelight of every happening through a reliable source. What better way to gain knowledge that is reliable, efficient and timely than through a crypto-focused platform that takes to heart all happenings in the crypto and blockchain industry? 

Supported by Platinum Crypto Academy, subscribers will not only get to know about what is going on in the market but also about what they should expect. As such, Cryptonaire Weekly is seeking to continue providing relevant and reliable information about what is going on in the market currently, but it also provides a forecast on crypto trends to help investors predict different markets and where to invest at a certain period. 

Look out for not just the 200th Cryptonaire Weekly Edition but for many more every week of the month.


Cryptonaire Weekly, a renowned digitalised crypto publication, is led by the Chief Editor, Karnav Shah. The entire team comprises of market leaders with sufficient knowledge in their fields. The conception of this publication occurred during a time when blockchain and cryptocurrencies was not a favorable industry. However, the company beat the odds through persistent education forums, especially through digital platforms about the industry, and we are proud to currently be a leading information ground for crypto enthusiasts and beginners alike. 

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