DC Pay - Fintech Start up has finally Arrived

DC PAY is a Fintech start up based in Brisbane Australia, after 12 months of consultation with industry and individual merchants, DC Pay has clearly identified a gap in the emerging crypto industry in Australia.  DC Pay over the coming 12 months intends to develop a Centralised Exchange system to take advantage of the 4 million Australians who are expected to trade and use cryptocurrency over the next 12 months by creating an eco-system for people to use their cryptocurrencies for everyday use.

Australia has 2.1 million small businesses that contribute to 32% of Australia’s GDP or 418 billion of value to the Australian economy, DC Pay goal is to be to enable merchants to accept Cryptocurrency as payment, with an easy to use and simplistic system, unlike some Centralised Exchanges that are overtly cluttered, complicated and difficult to understand.  

The concept of DC Pay was initially conceived discussing the complex Capital Gains Taxation rules of cryptocurrency in Australia over a few beers with mates and wondering why they could not make purchases with their crypto. Solving the dilemma and enjoying a few ‘coldies’ let to the idea and creation of DC Pay.

DC Pay will offer a BEP-20 Token as a utility coin which will be used for transactions – buy, sell, borrow and repay.

DC Pay is partnering with Platinum Crypto Academy on the journey to success, DC Pay CEO and Founder, Andrew Clifford said ‘ He is looking forward to collaborating with Cryptonaire Weekly on the journey to bringing DC Pay to market. ‘ 

DC Pay is a Fintech start up based in Brisbane Australia, with its purpose to allow people to make ‘every day’ purchases with Cryptocurrencies. Pre ICO is available now with the ICO beginning  1st of July 2022 at www.DCPay.com.au or you can contact DC Pay on contact@dcpay.com.au or by phone on +61431402848.

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the DC Pay project, he explained, “Project’s like DC Pay that are designed with Blockchain technology with a revolutionary transaction system are exciting. We will make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

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