DeepSquare, a High-Performance Computing (HPC) service provider, has signed a partnership agreement with HealthTech Lisboa, a  venture builder specialized in the healthcare and safety industries. This partnership onboards the HealthTech Lisboa community into the DeepSquare ecosystem. 

Following the partnership agreement with  HealthTech Lisboa, the Project lead at DeepSquare, Diarmuid Daltún, said, “We don’t have to explain the importance of innovation and developments in the health industry and their implications on the overall life quality. Being able to support these innovations with the platform for reliable, efficient and sustainable high-performance computing is something that we are very proud of. At the same time, it is an additional validation of our concept and approach, and how instrumental HPC infrastructure is to innovation.”

Together with FastCompChem and DeepNeuronic, HTL is ready to start a journey with the DeepSquare Association and join its mission to improve the efficiency of the computing industry.

This event coincides with the recent closing of the first institutional investor  While Loop Capital ,first French private investment fund specialized in crypto assets.

DeepSquare is a Swiss-based pioneer in sustainable managed High-Performance computing. HPC refers to solutions that enable data processing and complex calculations at high speeds.

To bridge the gap between computing efficiency and sustainability while providing an alternative to the current Cloud Oligarchy — the DeepSquare Association is building a decentralized, responsible and sustainable High-performance computing ecosystem. The ecosystem is based on the decentralized network of sustainable HPC clusters, powered by renewable energy and equipped with a heat reuse system.

DeepSquare combines cutting-edge hardware and various technologies commonly found in supercomputers to reach high levels of efficiency and performance, which is not the case with standard servers in the industry. Along with having a proof-of-concept cluster on the HES – EPFL Institute campus in the Energypolis building in Sion, the association recently secured $2 million to grow the project and establish additional sustainable computing clusters. Straddling two worlds, traditional business and blockchain, DeepSquare delivers an ecosystem to support innovation and meet the needs for high-performance computing (HPC), in a sustainable and efficient fashion.To learn more about the project and how to join this thriving community, please check their website or reach out directly to the team via email:, Or, if you want to connect with the team and the community, follow the project on Twitter, LinkedIn or join our Telegram group. You can also visit our website:

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