12th April, 2021: DefiBids, a unique crypto platform that uses innovative auction styles, allowing users to win digital currencies, announced that it has recently appointed Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly Magazine to help novice and professional traders take advantage of crypto auctions, staking, and trading opportunities.

Sharing more details about the appointment, a spokesperson at DefiBids stated, “We firmly believe that Platinum has the digital currency as well as investing experience needed to support our platform. With our combined experience, we look forward to opening up the crypto market to many more cryptocurrency enthusiasts.”

The DefiBids platform is an ideal platform for stakers, auction buyers, and traders. While stakers can use the platform to gain rewards on crypto auction transactions, the auction buyers will benefit from exciting deals/offers on crypto token packages. Traders will benefit as a result of increased value as well as through adopting the bid token.

The DefiBids crypto project makes use of distinct auction styles to help users win digital currencies. Presently, the first crypto auction style is the LUB or the Lowest Unique Bid, a strategy-oriented auction wherein users will have to succeed in outthinking others. The auctions carried out using smart contracts allow users to get cryptos instantly into their metamask wallet.

Users can take part in the crypto auctions using Ethereum with TRX or metamask with tronlink. Users access metamask for purchasing credits, and 15 percent of each purchase goes to stakers daily (paid in the form of ETH). Another 5 percent of the auction purchase will be awarded to referrals and paid in ETH. Users who win an auction are given a token that is sent directly to their digital wallets after a few confirmations.

Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly Co-Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief Karnav Shah expressed “ how excited we are to be working with DefiBids the world’s first cryptocurrency auction site. the Defi space is revolutionising the way individuals and institutions view finance and it’s great to bring a project like DefiBids to our clients and subscribers attention.’

DefiBids has also designed a Token known as “Bid Token” that users won’t have to sell unless they want to. The token, currently traded on Uniswap, has a supply of 50 million. The deflationary token burns 2 percent off every single transaction. The company has already burned more than 2 million tokens.

DefiBids staking portal wherein stakers can earn staking rewards comprising bid tokens as well as ETH rewards. As a result, stakers get Bid tokens as well as ETH collected from transaction burns and auctions.

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