Dirty Finance PR : According to Google Search Trends, Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the pack of cryptocurrencies that people search for on Google, but many cryptocurrencies are experiencing a resurgence, and investors hope the possible revived market might signal sustained growth. For example, Dirty Finance ($Dirty:P2PBNB), a small cap ERC-20 token available on P2PB2B.io, Tokpie and Uniswap,  recently hit a 43-day all time high after a successful “Who Wants To Be A Dirty Finance Billionaire” contest launch picked up by the global PRNewswire.

The contest directly coincides with the release of farming and staking on August 17th, which provides passive income opportunities to holders and stakers of the smart contract enabled token. The timing seems serendipitous as, the cryptocurrency markets add over $300 million, showing signs of a new bull trend.

Based on their roadmap and white paper, Dirty Finance is focused on real world financial innovation in markets such as adult anime NFTs, a surprisingly robust demand according to the millions in volume of monthly searches.  In fact, Pornhub listed the search term “Hentai” as the second most searched term in 2019. 

Dirty Finance turns their sights in the near future to the online gambling sector, using their NFTs in innovative ways including offering NFTs winnings for gambling games, and other real world use cases.  Dirty Finance cites online gambling, which is on a course to almost double in global industry growth by 2023 according to Statista.com, as a solid method of delivering long-term value to holders of Dirty Finance cryptocurrency.

In a recent globally released YahooFinance / PRNewswire.com article, the owner of Dirty Finance, Billy Wizz, states:  “We’re using the concept of the NFT artistically, but we’re also empowering the NFT with innovation such as within an online casino we’re developing, which we hope to be profitable and provide value to our token holders.” says Billy Wizz, founder of Dirty Finance.  

According to its official Twitter account, Dirty, as it’s traded by, recently hit a 43 day all time high after the launch of a well received Billionaire” contest at DirtyFinance.com promoting new passive income blockchain technology.  

Dirty staking and farming, as the technology is called, is scheduled to debut on August 17th after a marketing blitz including a New York Times Square Billboard proclaiming “The Secret Word Is…DirtyFinance.com.”

The contest allows contestants to earn over 500 chances to win by entering and completing tasks to learn about cryptocurrency and sharing posts over social media. Featuring 11 prizes totaling 2 Billion—yes, Billion with a B—of its ever decreasing, thus the more scarce volume of Dirty coins, some contestants seem optimistic about the chances of winning.

One Reddit user posted the motivation for joining the contest on the Official Dirty Finance Reddit page:  “Once I am a #DirtyFinanceBillionaire I am going to buy this snake and name it Noodle.” Another Reddit.com user said “If I become a billionaire I’ll buy a desert island and live like Robinson Crusoe =).”  

While motivations may vary, other better known cryptocurrencies are also on the rise recently.  The price of Bitcoin has seen a sharp 32% increase since July 21st, 2021, up over $14,000 to just over $43,600 at time of writing, according to CoinDesk.com.

Ethereum, which is powered by smart contracts and currently being optimized as a more environmentally friendly blockchain platform than Bitcoin, which coins like Dirty Finance are actively building on, is also seeing a rebound.  Ethereum prices are up since July 2th, 2021 according to CoinMarketCap.com

Dirty Finance plans on utilizing the new efficiency of the optimized Ethereum blockchain for their staking and farming, which will allow for investors to pledge up to 2 Billion Dirty Coins, providing liquidity for the currency, and reaping rewards, named fittingly, DirtyCash.  200 DirtyCash tokens will be available to all stakers and liquidity pool stakers aka farmers, while NFTs will start below 200, so that any holder and staker of Dirty to a certain threshold, will be able to buy NFTs with their DirtyCash.  

NFTs earned through Dirty Finance staking and farming can be held, or at anytime, placed on NFT markets such as OpenSea.io, and sold, thereby generating passive income.  The first Dirty NFT sold recently this month, validating this use case, and foreshadowing the growth of the Dirty Finance ecosystem.  For more details, please refer to the articles on Dirty Finance Medium blog, or connect with an admin and the community live, 24-7 at their telegram:  https://t.me/DIRTYFIN

Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Cardano, XRP, Dogecoin And Uniswap growth have all contributed to a recent $300 million dollar addition to the cryptocurrency market, according to Forbes.com.

While there is no telling what the future may hold for any cryptocurrency, if the price of Dirty Finance hits a mere 1 cent in USD, the winner of the DirtyFinance.com Who Wants To Be a Dirty Finance Billionaire contest might have enough money to buy an island, and a snake, and name it whatever they want.

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