Dirty finance is taking the lead when is comes to bringing the hentai world to the crypto space. With the huge release of staking and lp staking on the 17th of August, investors are starting to take notice. Not only do they reward holders with a 2 % burn and 2% redistribution per transaction, increasing the holders market share in two ways constantly, but they also reward their holders with exclusive original artwork NFT’s that are sellable on 3rd party market places, such as opensea.io. This gives the holders a constant passive income on top of the smart contract features (redistribution and burn).

Dirty finance realised that the hentai genre was not being accomdated for in the NFT and crypto space and with google searches for ‘Hentai’ being over 10,000,000 a month they created $DIRTY – a token specifically focusing on this genre, it launched just a few months ago and have a huge market to expand into.

Since launch they have been working hard making collaborations (NSFW & SFW) with numerous influencers that together have a following of over 1,000,000 fans. Dirty finance’s personalised and original NFT’s are then created to celebrate the partnership. Some are with adult work stars from onlyfans, etc and some are SFW influencers. Holders of $DIRTY have the opportunity of collecting all the NFT’s in the set for nothing when they stake (only pay the minting fee) otherwise the only other way to obtain these NFT’s will be to buy with $DIRTY on our website or with ethereum on opensea. Each piece of artwork is animated, limited, classified by star rating (governed by rudeness, and scarcity) and then made available via the staking. Only so many of each star will be minted – 6 star will only have around 6 in circulation and be the rarest and as the stars get lower the amount minted will get higher and more clothes will be on the model.

Since launch on uniswap $DIRTY have listed on Bibox.com, tokpie.com, coinsbit.io, and P2PB2B.io. Being in these exchanges is giving easier access and lower fees for potential investors, however to receive the smart contract features $DIRTY must be held in a etherum based wallet like metamask, trust, etc.

All holders of 100M $DIRTY can currently mint a free NFT on the website (Dirty.finance). 

Staking contract will be released on Tuesday the 17th August and 12+ NFT’s will be available to collect straight away. All holders that join the staking contract will receive 200 dirty cash and this amount will be more than enough to collect a 1 star dirty finance NFT straight away.  

The introduction of staking on the 17th of August is a landmark and is allowing dirty finance to use innovative, fun and profitable ways for holders to earn a passive income with the sellable NFT’s whilst enjoying redistribution and burn. Dirty finance has made its intentions clear, they wish to dominate the hentai NFT market and keep building a worldwide brand, a marketplace, a casino, a hentai revolution.

A short quote by the Dirty Finance CEO saying “It’s an exciting time at Dirty Finance with the staking being released on Tuesday the 17th of August. Staking will add a completely new dynamic to our ecosystem, and give our holders a passive income. We will keep strategising our releases to optimise the return on investment for our holders, with this release they will receive dividends in beautiful and exclusive sellable NFT’s. We will be looking to build on this and move in a $DIRTY NFT marketplace and $DIRTY Casino. This is a big release for us, but we will have much bigger further down the line and we are very happy with the work the Cryptonaire Weekly Publication is doing to get us the maximum exposure that is required to ensure we have a successful release. Keep watching this space for more updates”

Discussing the Dirty Finance Project, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah noted: “ It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons. We are truly excited to share the Dirty Finance project and explain its fundamentals to our readers. With the huge release of staking and lp staking on the 17th of August investors are starting to take notice of this great opportunity. We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

‘The beauty about $DIRTY is that you earn in so many different ways. The 2% redistribution has given holders over 2.5% increase on holdings in the first few months, and that coupled with the burn means less $DIRTY is in circulation. Then on top of that the individual NFTs that are collected gives holders a sellable token and a passive income. For investors that like innovative ways to earn high ROI dividends regularly, dirty finance is up there with the best’ Billy Wizz – Lead Dev

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