Early Birds to Enjoy Coinhaven’s Trading Discounts

The Coinhaven exchange is hitting full-speed through its roadmap milestones. Our project was in the making for some time, but the wait has been worth it. The recent launch comes with irresistible offers for all crypto enthusiasts out there. 

Early birds, those that sign up as quickly as possible, will enjoy a 60% discount on trading fees for 30 days. Early registration will also provide an opportunity to qualify for lifetime Legacy membership. The membership carries several benefits, including:

  • Regular Coinhaven airdrop rewards
  • A 30% discount on every transaction on the platform
  • A notification for private token sales on the platform
  • An opportunity to post your P2P ads at no cost
  • Limitless investment opportunities as a member of Coinhaven’s Legacy community

However, members must complete Coinhaven’s KYC procedure after successful registration to qualify for the goodies. To complete the account verification process, members will have to verify their email address, phone number, and physical address. It’s also necessary to provide personal identity verification.

Members have to honor one rule to preserve their Legacy membership status: maintain a trading volume of at least 1 bitcoin or its equivalent within 30 days after successful registration and verification of their details.

Trading volume will be a measure of both the selling and buying volume on the exchange. Other services available in the Coinhaven exchange include:

Derivatives trading: Members will be able to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies not limited to BTC and ETH. The service includes futures trading with high liquidity and competitive fees.

A unique OTC brokerage interface: The interface allows investing in assets that aren’t listed in major exchanges. It’s fast yet secure, therefore ideal for institutions looking to invest in the crypto market.

About Coinhaven

Coinhaven, otherwise known as the people’s exchange, was founded in 2019. It’s available on desktop and mobile devices. The platform features a user-friendly interface for the most frictionless trading experience. Besides BTC, users can invest in other digital currencies and also exchange their bitcoin for other assets like Ethereum. Coinhaven offers low fees and exceptional customer support service.

Discussing the CoinHaven Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah noted, “Early investors gain from the upside that may accrue if the CoinHaven platform takes off. It is like an early-stage venture capitalist gaining from the upside of listing the company on the stock exchanges”.

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