Ernest Comics Nexus: Welcome to our Launch Presentation

Ernest Comics, built on the Solana blockchain, is seeking to create a world of entertainment with the added advantage of providing ownership of story-based products thus giving birth to a whole new concept of storytelling. 

You are hereby invited to attend our Launch presentation that is scheduled for the 11th May. Time and further details will follow over email.

We are looking forward to having an exciting installation in the Entertainment industry by Ernest comics. 

The highlight of the presentation will look into our roadmap, partnerships, utility, vision and mission, as well as our Whitepaper.

  • Roadmap 

Here we will highlight our baseline structure of our development providing you with what the future holds for you, taking you through every step of the way. 

  • Partnerships 

Identifying and working with the right people will help us meet our objectives and shareholder needs and preferences. 

  • Vision and Mission  

The mission of this presentation is to enlighten the potential of Non-Fungible tokens within the entertainment industry, bridging the relationship between creators and consumers. Informing investors of the future of entertainment. 

  • Whitepaper 

We highlight the best position to take and identify solutions to specific problems in the current market. 

Presented by co-founders, Anthony and Adrian, the meeting will take place through Google Meet to accommodate everyone from even those who are on the road to allow for active participation. 

Do not be left out of this revolutionary opportunity allowing you to directly participate and better the launch.

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