Faith Tribe Marked Milestones in Early 2022

Faith Tribe, a collaborative and open-source fashion design platform, has remained focused on democratising fashion in the metaverse. 

Since its launch, Faith Tribe has marked significant achievements that are working in favour of not only the fashion industry but also the blockchain and crypto sphere. Some of our marked milestones in early 2022 include the following:

Successful Token Launch (24th February)

Faith Tribe’s native token, $FTRB, successfully launched its public sale on the 24th February. It was launched on centralised exchanges as well as Initial DEX Offering launchpads. Despite the ongoing invasion in Ukraine, the token’s success has seen heights as high as 7x listing price and has retained its stability. 

Presence in the Paris Fashion Week (28th February – March 8th)

The native Faith Tribe brand, Faith Connexion, showcased one of the most epic fashion shows in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Faith Tribe featured six outfits from Faith Connexion’s new collection. Faith Tribe partnered with DressX to digitally design all the pieces in 3D. The occasion, MFW’s closing party, was sponsored by Faith Tribe with a successful after party, which was graced by a well-renowned DJ, Blond:ish, with the objective of promoting the brand’s vision of developing a global creator ecosystem.  

Open for Design Submissions (March 17th)

After the successful $FTRB public sale, the platform is seeking to empower designers and artists in the mass market across the globe. This step is helping to build an open-source and democratic design platform. As such, designers who wish to have their works featured beside Faith Connexion’s collection can submit their pieces through the online portal. 

Faith Tribe also had a successful pop-up at Metaverse Fashion Week on decentraland which was a huge hit! They also have recently announced their sponsorship of the AIBC Dubai Event and of the NFT La conferences in Los Angeles.

The above registered milestones have seen Faith Tribe enhance the fashion industry in the long-term. Faith Tribe remains committed to creating and integrating relevant tools that provide opportunities for creators across the globe in the fashion industry.

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