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Faith Tribe joins the band in empowering independent creators in both the physical world and the metaverse. Through Faith Tribe, users will be able to use innovative tools to create their own collection in a digital designer studio, mint it as NFTs and finally sell them on the global marketplace.  

The native token $FTRB will stand as a unified currency between the various components of the ecosystem, and grant to creators the access to the full product experience. The company is leveraging the opportunities offered by Web 3.0 technology to build an ecosystem that unlocks new opportunities for every creative voice.

Faith Tribe’s ambition is to solve structural bottlenecks fashion creators are facing nowadays by building a full solution that should provide independent designers the necessary resources and visibility in both the physical world and in the metaverse. Through the platform, designers can create either their physical or digital collection, mint it as NFT and then sell it in the digital fashion marketplace.

The project’s native token is $FTRB, which provides an entry for the community to access the multiple features of the ecosystem. The dual-chain token is security audited by Certik, and based on both Ethereum and Polygon, and received the support of major industry players and partners. The coin is currently listed on various exchanges such as AscendEx, Gate, Bitmart and Cryptology, with yet other top-tier exchanges in the pipeline. For any users to access Faith Tribe’s features, they will need the full-utility token. The token will also provide discounts on the purchase of clothes from Faith Connexion, a famous high-end fashion brand based in Paris. Finally, holders will be able to use it to stake, vote for the best garments, or contribute to the liquidity pools.

About Faith Tribe

Faith Tribe is a pioneer in creating a fashion-based, community-owned, decentralised platform. It gives a base for fashion creators and designers to design, customise, mint, and distribute their physical and digital fashion creations. It leverages Web 3.0 and the metaverse to push the fashion industry forward. Faith Tribe has been a sponsor of various events such as Metaverse Fashion Week on Decentraland, NFT LA conference, Paris NFT Day, etc. Read more at:

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