Is it wrong to say social networks are at the core of modern Internet activity? Probably not! Online socializing has been fueled by the Internet, with social media becoming the most popular online activity. More than 80% of the world’s businesses are using social media to conduct their business. Although, there are more centralized social networks. In a centralized social network, all interactions, including private messages, are accessible by moderators. Thus, this poses a serious threat to the privacy of users. That’s where fren comes in.

fren is short for “friend.” fren aims to unite and bring utility to NFT and Memecoin communities. “fren” is a network utility token. The platform uses fren tokens to encourage socialization within the community. Users with more $fren tokens have more “fren Power.” The platform rewards users for creating content and interacting with others. 

Fren platform has cool applications that make it the best network for crypto communities. The applications are:

Onlyfrens Social Media

Onlyfrens is fren’s own decentralized blockchain social media network. Blockchain Social Media platforms are social networks that use blockchain technologies to develop applications and smart contracts. fren uses blockchain technology to make new friends and keep platform anonymity. 

frenDAO Voting System

Through frenDAO, token holders can vote on where the tokens should go. There will be a specific amount of ETH allocated at a time, and token holders as a whole can vote for what they think will help grow the network. 

frenDEX Charts

Charts are important tools for improving the richness of information. In frenDEX, every chart can be viewed and interacted with from a central location. People will be able to easily view and share this information with their friends within the ecosystem.


fren is planning to release an exclusive collection of NFTs that are only available to holders of fren tokens. Therefore, you should stay tuned to the platform to get an exclusive collection.

Fren’s main focus is to combine the crypto and media spaces. Joining the fren community allows you to access regular crypto updates. If you’re looking for a genuine crypto community, fren is a good choice.  The possibilities with friends are endless.

Commenting on the potential of the Fren project Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah said “Fren thrives to bring utility and unite the NFT/Memecoin space. We are pleased to discuss this important project and hope to share more about its journey in the coming weeks.”

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