Fren, a decentralised social network on the blockchain has achieved a number of milestones in its quest to create a community where members can laugh, learn and invest together. Firstly, the platform has a robust community that is actively involved in the development of the platform. Its social media handle boasts of a vibrant community where members constantly engage and encourage each other. The telegram handle has over 2,000 members. There is also an active discord community. Fren Developers in these communities regularly update members on the latest updates within the platform.

The platform has also managed to list its token on three exchanges. These are Polonies, BKEX and Uniswap. This gives token holders ease when they would want to liquidate their holdings. Listing on over three exchanges takes it ahead of its schedule. The platform is in the process of listing in even more exchanges moving forward. The network has also been featured on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

The current market cap of the Fren token is over $400k.The token has over 5,000 wallet holders who believe in the viability of this project. This platform released over 1 trillion tokens into the market using a fair launch system – no team members were allocated any tokens.

“These developments demonstrate the platform’s commitment to creating a truly unique community that is focused on its users,” said the lead developer of the project. “We expect that, in the near future, we will add more features onto the platform and make this the go-to platform for all crypto users who  are seeking exclusive communities anchored on blockchain tech.”

The Fren network is a decentralised social network that is creating a community where members can play together, learn together and invest together. It has a number of features on its platform: A DAO, known as FrenDAO, where members can vote on the direction of the platform. It also has an exclusive social network known as OnlyFrens, where members meet and share experiences. It also has a decentralised exchange called FrenDEX, where members can make investments in profitable trades.

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