Gain Protocol is invested in protecting holders from bot trading and doing all that is possible to keep the price of GAIN stable and free from nefarious actors. While our initial pre-sale and listing on PancakeSwap was a success and pushed the price of GAIN to all-time highs, bots attacks lead to a subsequent dip in price. The team has done all that is possible to help prevent this from happening in future Toro Rounds and everyday trading.

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While the project saw an increase of around 27x, the goal of Gain Protocol is to create a safe community for everyday holders. Price swings are a natural occurrence in trading, but the developers behind the project have done as much as possible to help mitigate the risks of bot trading. BOT TRADING is not a new problem in the crypto space, but much like the other issues facing DeFi and cryptocurrency, the team behind Gain Protocol is determined to tackle these issues head-on.

As Gain Protocol embarks on this revolutionary mission, new issues always crop up during almost every stage of project growth. Re-affirming the project commitment to the community, the developers have initiated changes to some of the foundational protocols of the project — all with the goal of protecting price.

One major change is to the Whale Protection protocol. To better match the daily price action of GAIN, Whale Protection will now be dynamic. The idea is that fees from large sales of GAIN will increase and decrease relative to price action and trading volume. The team is confident this change will provide a more stable and fair trading ecosystem for all GAIN holders.

Moreover, the team is also hard at work creating additional features to build on the already stellar existing protocols and create a safe trading environment for all holders. The goal of these new features is fairly simple — protect GAIN from bot trading and pump and dump schemes. Gain Protocol is confident these changes will prevent the kind of price movement we saw during the initial week following pre-sale and the bot attacks.

Gain Protocol would like to stress that full control of the project is protected and in the hands of the development team. Implementing these changes will only bolster the price protection features of the project. In an effort to provide peace of mind for all holders, Gain Protocol is now, and forever, committed to full transparency for any changes. Creating a safe ecosystem runs parallel to the core values of honesty and transparency that are at the heart of the project.

While other projects may not shine a light on issues like these, Gain Protocol is different. The team is just as excited for the future as ever, and they hope that the changes implemented during these early weeks will help improve the trading experience and provide holders with even more massive passive income opportunities.

On that note, we’d like to announce the implementation of our token locking system and affiliate program. With token locking, long-term investors have an opportunity to lock their GAIN onto the platform. This adds extra security to the project and helps keep the price floor of GAIN stable. Additionally, our “believers” have extra opportunities to win through a special sweepstake drawing exclusive for users who lock down their GAIN.

Our affiliate program, which is the first of its kind in crypto and DeFi, is on track to grow our holder wallets and the user base of GAIN tremendously. The goal of the affiliate program is to help Gain Protocol go mainstream by giving our holders more motivation to bring more people into the community. It’s a win-win.

Lastly, we’d like to announce an addition to the Gain Protocol team. Our new marketing leader, who has experience as an athletes manager for major players in the NBA and the NFL, is set to bring some very big changes to the project through strategic partnerships and an expert take on marketing. We’ve already started on this front. Our team has been hard at work connecting with some of the biggest names in YouTube and other major platforms, and we’ve got some exciting news coming soon.

Since the initial troubles with bot trading, we’ve only seen the price of GAIN grow steadily. We believe the foundational protocols and recent changes are set to redefine how everyday users approach DeFi and cryptocurrency. With our rock-star team and loyal community, we’re excited as ever for the project’s future.

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