GAUGECASH, the first DeFi Monetary System available to crypto users, recently appointed Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly Magazine to support and further their platform among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The platform, expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2021, with technology integrations on Avalanche and Chainlink, will solve the is-sue of decentralization, as well as the long-term stability of assets.

Post its appointment, Platinum Crypto Academy, along with Cryptonaire Weekly, will provide crypto users with the latest information and updates about the GAUGECASH system.

Talking about the appointment, GAUGECASH´s Founder stated, “We believe that Platinum Crypto Academy has the much-required experience and extensive knowledge needed to support as well as further our unique DeFi Monetary System. Our combined efforts and knowledge will help us create opportunities for the global crypto market.”

It must be noted that in the past century, more than 30 Non-Domestic Currency Debt Crises resulted in millions of individuals losing all their wealth, along with the transactional value. As far as the major fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF are concerned, only CHF has been the currency in the twenty-first century that has managed to hold positive PP or purchasing power. This implies that its relation with inflation has been negative. Despite this, the Swiss National Bank in 2015 abandoned the EUR/CHF floor at 1.20 euros, which resulted in chaos around the fiat currency markets.

GAUGECASH’s Index helps solve this problem by ensuring that people get the best PP or purchasing power in the future. GAUGECASH’s Decentralized Monetary System has two primary components, including the index that comes from the Final Market Making of the FX market, and is much more stable when compared to other global currencies, including Silver and Gold. GAUGECASH has also backed up its currency with the help of the blockchain class. This provides value to both users and investors in an immutable and decentralized manner.

GAUGECASH aims to make its liquidity pool, GAUGEFIELD, a profitable investment by taking Tether’s present volume of a hundred billion USD average per day. The company will ensure that GAUGECASH gets globally adopted and becomes a benchmark for pricing and exchanging goods and services across the globe. Users interested in investing in GAUGECASH can join the presale currently being held by the company. Once the tokens are sold out, GAUGECASH will release its second 100M GAUF. Currently, 1GAUF is valued at 0.1 AVAX and brings a yield of 30x. GAUGECASH’s liquidity pool, GAUGEFIELD, will only wrap AVAXs for measuring Yield timelines for Staking, making it public. As a result, investors will incur huge gains for chasing Tether first and thereafter, the leading currency pair EUR/USD.

Individuals who don’t prefer the obvious economic pitfalls and centralization offered by the Stablecoins, along with token representations USDC, Tether, TUSD, etc., can take their cryptocurrency and invest it in GAUGECASH. GAUGECASH shall come into existence in the form of a free-of-cost service, and covers all the market demands in the cryptocurrency space.

Manual Blanco Founder of Gaugecash expressed “It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Platinum Crypto Academy to reach their audience. Gaugecash needs the support for quality organisations to bring attention to the project to help bring adoption, Platinum Crypto Academy having developed an audience dedicated to cryptos over the past 4 years is a perfect partner for us and we are excited to be featured in Cryptonaire weekly”.

The Chief Editor of “Cryptonaire Weekly” Karnav Shah expressed It’s extremely exciting to partner with a company like Gaugecash, A DeFi Monetary System. The protocol is a decentralized, digital asset-backed, peer to peer stable cash system, which provides incentives for crypto asset investors providing a stable cryptocurrency. The Platinum Crypto  Academy looks forward to working with Gaugecash on gaining maximum exposure to the crypto community.

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