VANCOUVER, BC, February 1, 2022 – Good Gamer Entertainment Inc. (TSXV:GOOD) (OTC:GGAMF) (“Good Gamer” or the “Company”), a real-money skill-gaming operator and games developer, is pleased to announce that it has signed a master services and license agreement (“MSA”) with Sig Capital Inc. dba Fork Gaming (“Fork Gaming”).  Under the terms of the MSA, Good Gamer will develop multiple blockchain applications to create the Chosen Ones non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), artwork, characters and a Play-to-Earn (“P2E”) NFT-based blockchain game.  Fork Gaming will become the exclusive publisher for the Chosen Ones franchise.

Under a non-exclusive license granted to Fork Gaming, Good Gamer is developing the following for Fork Gaming:

  • NFT Character Generator: The character generator will combine multiple trait layers to create 10,000 unique Legendary Heroes NFTs based on the Chosen Ones characters. The platform will also be used to create future NFTs, which will be called Epic Heroes, that will be used in-game and sold in the NFT marketplace.  NFT generated characters will represent the actual characters that a player will use in the game and in the Sandbox metaverse.
  • Minting Machine: The NFT minting software will allow Fork Gaming to create a smart contract on the Polygon MATIC blockchain for users to mint and purchase NFTs on the website.
  • Smart Contract Generator: Allows Fork Gaming to create a smart contract as a certificate of ownership for NFTs and tokens and will allow Fork Gaming to create a DeFi staking product when the game is launched.
  • Auto-Battler P2E NFT Mobile Game: Auto-battle / auto-chess style Unity-based mobile game where players will utilize their NFTs to battle against each other in a futuristic arena-styled chessboard.  Players will earn tokens after successfully winning a battle.

Good Gamer has also agreed to create a marketplace where players can purchase and sell various NFTS to play in the game.  The marketplace will be a non-exclusive license to Fork Gaming.

In consideration of its services, Good Gamer will receive USD $1 and 99,900,000 Chosen Ones tokens, being 9.99% of the total outstanding token supply of the Chosen Ones governance tokens, for a total transaction value of $1,000.  Good Gamer will receive a 45% revenue share from the sales and resales of the Original Mints of the Legendary Heroes NFTs.  Good Gamer will also receive a 25% revenue share on NFT rentals and marketplace sales and an additional 30% of net revenue from all e-commerce sales.

“We feel that P2E gaming is the next-best thing since video games were developed. It merges the blockchain with gaming, a sector with 3.2B gamers.  By giving players a product where they can earn real-world income through NFTs and gameplay, it is truly a disruptive sector.  Being in this space and seeing the potential is extremely exciting,” said Good Gamer CEO Charlo Barbosa.

“We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Chosen Ones franchise with our partners, Fork Gaming,” said Good Gamer CEO Charlo Barbosa. “Our design and development team have been working tirelessly to create a next-generation game filled with iconic characters that are guaranteed to garner serious excitement within the booming NFT P2E gaming community. We look forward to seeing the NFTs Fork Gaming creates and the market’s response once they are revealed.”

Fork Gaming’s CEO, Diego Foresi commented, “Good Gamer has been an unbelievable partner and has developed the most incredible artwork and backstory for the Chosen Ones franchise.  Good Gamer’s design and development team have been working tirelessly to create a next-generation game filled with iconic characters that are guaranteed to garner serious excitement within the booming NFT P2E gaming community and we look forward to marketing the Chosen Ones NFTs this week.”

Good Gamer also announces that Director Gurminder Sangha has stepped down from the Board of Directors. “I would like to thank Gurminder for his efforts in helping us put the corporate structure in place and wish him luck on his future endeavors,” said Barbosa.

About Good Gamer Entertainment Inc.

Good Gamer Entertainment Inc. (TSXV:GOOD) (OTC:GGAMF) is a real-money skill gaming operator and games developer that holds a 100% interest in its wholly-owned subsidiary Good Gamer Corp. Good Gamer’s principal business is operating its online Esports skills-based real-money gaming tournament management platform (the “Tournament Management Platform“) in Canada and the United States. The Tournament Management Platform allows players to compete against other users for real prizes in skills-based casual mobile games.  Good Gamer has developed multiple blockchain based NFTs.

About Sig Capital Inc. dba Fork Gaming

Fork Gaming is the game publisher of the Chosen Ones NFTs and the future P2E blockchain game.  The Chosen Ones Legendary Heroes are a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated NFTs uniquely crafted from hand-drawn images.  Fork Gaming has a proven track record in the gaming industry with partnerships with professional gamers and its roster of influencers. 

For further information: Sean Penn, Investor Relations Officer, E-mail:, Telephone: (888) 337-5889

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