Solar Panel Owners due to various shifts in the regulation and the pricing for green energy units, right now in the UK there isn’t any financial gain from installing home solar panels on your property. Rowan Energy are giving home users access to a brand new revenue stream.


Renewable Energy Certificates each certificate represents 0.5kg of carbon are automatically generated by your home system once connected to the Rowan Energy System.

Stored on the Rowan Energy immutable blockchain, Solar panel owners have access to the meter ID, the location, plus the time and date of generation, as well as the type of asset it sits behind.

These certificates, which are sold to businesses and individuals looking to offset their carbon footprint, are sold on a major Tier 1 exchange, and the revenue is shared with the Solar Panel Owners of the roof-top solar who produced it. The Rowan Energy platform will allow users to sell their energy peer to peer with other consumers bringing in immediate payments and at a much higher rate. This coupled with energy certificates increases the income for solar owners by more than 70%

Tracking the source of the energy within utilities is an important part of what is needed. Solar panel owners by utilising features on newly produced smart meters we can record the production of the energy holding details of where, how and when the energy was produced. This enables users to generate their own tokenised energy certificates making not only trading of these certs fast and easy. but relieving the prosumer from the cost of buying the certs (currently about 5p per kw) to guarantee their energy is green.

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