Hubble Protocol stablecoins, USDH and HBB, Capture Value for your Investment

Supercharging your liquidity on Solana is possible thanks to Hubble Protocol and USDH. Understanding what the Hubble Protocol stablecoins are all about and what you stand to benefit from them is crucial.  

After going live, Hubble Protocol allowed users to mint and deposit USDH, as well as stake their HBB to earn rewards. 

HBB, Hubble’s native/governance token, can be deposited into LPs on Orca. The HBB token serves two major purposes that include acting as a governance token that allows holders to vote and propose changes, as well as earn rewards generated by the protocol.

USDH, Hubble’s stablecoin, you will be glad to know, has no central authority with the capacity to shut down USDH because this stablecoin is backed 150% by decentralised crypto collateral. The added advantage of staking USDH in the stability pool is that you will be able to earn HBB rewards in addition to liquidation gains, making this a win-win investment. Some USDH DeFi use cases include liquidity providing options on DEXs and transferring value across the Solana ecosystem. 

Hubble, a DeFi protocol on Solana, introduced the USDH as one of the most censorship resistant and dependable stablecoins on the Solana blockchain. You can deposit and mint USDH and/or stake your HBB to earn rewards today.

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