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There is a change coming to the world of home renewable energy generation, driven by a end-to-end user solution from Rowan Energy. This week Rowan is releasing details about the Rowan Hub and smart miner through a number of quick explainer videos covering aspects of their solution.

Rather than being a blockchain company who have found a use case they can work with, Rowan is a power company who have found blockchain is the best solution to the problems they want to solve.

They wanted a solution that was easy for the home user to get up and running, while still maintaining the full security and benefits given by their custom blockchain solution.

Starting with the hardware they will be provided to users, the Rowan hub and smart miner, the videos will also cover the other aspects of the solution including the rewards platform for users, and how the Rowan Energy certificates work to give home solar generators an extra income stream for producing green energy.

If you want to know more be sure to follow their CEO & Founder David Duckworth on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-duckworth-3983a1b0/ to be first to see the videos as they are released.

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