Gold Secured Currency ( GSX ) is a token on the Apollo blockchain that is backed by an asset trust, which is currently composed of mining alluvial gold. GSX is a combination of stable coin and traditional cryptocurrency. GSX utilises both aspects to have a value that is backed by physical assets in its asset trust and that can grow in the same way as other cryptocurrencies. GSX have rights to minerals and land that is in Southern Africa. Other products will be included to generate income that will support the GSX token and continue its maintenance.

The sales from Gold Secured Currency (GSX) will, in turn, fund further investments and asset acquisitions for the GSX trust. GSX is aimed at long-term sustainability and growth for investors and offers a stable value suitable for use in rapid transactions.

Advantages of GSX

The main advantage of GSX is that it is backed by an asset trust, meaning that if something were to happen to GSX, all of the assets and mineral rights will be liquidated and go to the trust which is then distributed to all of the GSX holders who are trust beneficiaries. Growth and stability will be facilitated through profits generated from the GSX trust investments that will create an infrastructure to further grow and support GSX. GSX is in the process of becoming an actual currency where it can be used as a viable marketplace currency.

Projects Moving Forward

GSX is rapidly progressing in acquiring new mines and mineral-rich land. They are pursuing numerous projects including some extremely large-scale international projects. These negotiations and initiatives for various projects are currently taking place in 4 different countries that they, unfortunately, cannot yet disclose. These include gold shaft mines, nickel ore projects, tantalum projects, and rare earth metals.

Long-Term GSX Coin

GSX is interpreted as a long-term coin because as the revenue-generating investments that are integrated into the asset trust continue to grow, they can utilise the money made from them to operate at a higher profit and reinvest into more assets. This way GSX will have sustainable asset growth for the trust and GSX holders. The GSX asset trust is being used in a way that actually augments the token like no other cryptocurrency. They are looking to continually grow the GSX asset trust investments in the long-term for cumulative value increase and benefits for our GSX investors. The longer GSX operates, the larger and more valuable the asset trust and the more value they add to GSX that holders benefit from.

Explaining what’s impressive about the innovative approach of the GSXFintech project, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah said: “GSX (Gold Secured Currency) is aimed at long-term sustainable growth for investors, as well as offering a stable value suitable for use in rapid transactions as an actual currency. GSX is hence a unique combination of a stable coin and a traditional cryptocurrency. At Platinum Crypto Academy we are glad to have introduced our readers to such a brilliant initiative. I’m sure we will have more from the GSXFintech project for our readers.”

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