On Monday, January 24, 2022, the Jacquie & Michel group officially launched its crypto-currency: the Jimizz (JMZ).

The French adult leader has decided to take the bull by the horns to respond to the issues weighing on the X business and revolutionize the sector with new features that will benefit consumers, creators and investors.

Jimizz will be offered across the entire J&M ecosystem (VOD sites, online and physical stores, TV channels, partner platforms, etc.).

An NFT Marketplace will be created, with exclusive content. To baptize this platform, the company has sent a vibrating duck, a tanga, a DVD of “La casa de Michel” as well as a plate stamped Jimizz in space, with the collaboration of the German company StratoFlights. These items will be sold on the marketplace.

In order to create a dynamic market on the Marketplace, a card breeding system called Khard Game, in partnership with Swame models, will be available at the launch of the platform. By combining a model card with additional cards (location, practice, outfit, etc.) the consumer will be able to shape the content of their choice and obtain it from the model, or resell their cards based on rarity.

The 69 Club will be a very closed club with the owners of the 69 NFTs of the club as members. Each NFT will allow to get a percentage on all the purchases of services in JMZ (as for example a subscription or the purchase of a video) but also an unlimited lifetime access and many other advantages.

To encourage community spirit and the emergence of ethical projects by young filmmakers, a participatory financing platform in Jimizz, called Cum-Unity, will be launched.

A Livret X, like a Livret A but with a much more interesting rate, will allow investors to block part of their capital in Jimizz and generate interest.

Other features, such as a metavers or a holders’ meeting, are described in the Whitepaper of the currency.

J&M has enlisted the services of blockchain experts whether in the design, auditing, consulting or legal aspects to ensure the seriousness and viability of the project. The company Crypto4All has thus carried out the audit of the smarts contracts of the fundraising and the law firm Beaubourg Avocats is legally accompanying the company.

The fundraising started on January 24, 2022 on the website www.jimizz.com and will end on March 06, 2022. Three call options are available, each with different pricing and options.

Investors will be pre-verified through a decentralized, anonymous and user-privacy friendly KYC solution provided by SumSub.

The Jimizz is a token created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain and designed according to the bep20 standard. It is non-minable and fixed at 8 billion tokens.

For any question or interview request concerning the Jimizz project or the ICO you can contact the teams in charge of the project via the following address: clement@jimizz.com

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Jimizz project, he explained “Jimizz is the crypto-currency designed by the leader of X in France to revolutionize the sector thanks to new features that will benefit consumers, creators and investors. Project’s like Jimizz are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

Jimizz Founder also mentioned “To provide consumers and creators of adult content a crypto-currency that solves the problems of this industry, it is necessary to rely on partners who share a common vision. Platinum Crypto Academy allows us to bring this commitment to a wide audience.”

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