Jimizz ICO has just ended and it's a success

On March 6, 2022, the Jacquie & Michel group have close the ICO intended to raise funds for the financing of its crypto-currency: the Jimizz (JMZ).

Despite a bear-market and a political context not very favorable to crypto-currencies, the amount of tokens sold after 6 weeks of raising, amounts to 466 738 200 tokens, which represents nearly $2 300 000 euros. As a reminder, the softcap to be exceeded to see the project come to fruition was 1,000,000 euros. The whole Jimizz team is very happy to announce that the project will indeed see the light of day!

During these 6 weeks of sales, the team members were surrounded by nearly 30 ambassadors (Lylou Glams, Joss Lescaf, Laya Feet, Jean Michel Maire, Ania Kinski etc.)

In addition to the support of these personalities, the project can now rely on the experience of Yosra Helal, blockhain developer for nearly 8 years. Her vision of the project allows us to envisage a technical roadmap that matches the ambitions of Jimizz.

The creation of the token’s smart-contracts is in progress and the audit by Certik start on March 14th. Following the validation of the audit, the listing of the tokens on PancakeSwap will launch the Jimizz on the crypto market. However, current market conditions and the political environment point to a prolonged bear market. In order to launch the token in the best conditions, it is possible that the Jimizz teams will choose to delay the token’s issuance slightly.

To support the release of the Jimizz, the deployment of stacking campaigns will stabilize the currency by reducing selling pressure.

During the ICO, the group’s communication teams were on deck to propose actions to match the stakes. The setting up of sponsorships with partners in motor sports and e-sports enabled us to reach audiences from various backgrounds. This community has gathered around the Jimizz social networks and the implementation of media buying and traffic has quickly made the Jimizz change scale to reach several thousand subscribers on the networks.

To celebrate this success, top investors, ambassadors and the development team gathered for a grand closing party in Paris.

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