KOJI Intro

KOJI is a unique project that launched on the 1st June as an ERC-20 token. It is centred around the KOJI character, who is an alien that has come to save the earth. KOJI has 2 main characteristics:

– A brand new comic series depicting KOJI’s journey will be released exclusively as NFTs to KOJI holders!

– A comprehensive charity strategy designed to make a real difference on earth

We are really excited about our upcoming roadmap!


– Whitepaper:  https://koji.earth/download/KOJI-whitepaper-2021.pdf

– Chinese Whitepaper: https://koji.earth/download/KOJI-whitepaper-chinese.pdf

The KOJI Tokenomics can be seen in our whitepaper, which we have also translated into Chinese and have plans for further translations to support our international community.

The basic tokenomics are discussed in the whitepaper. We wanted to keep them quite simple in terms of structure.

1T max supply with 3% tax (1% charity, 1% redistribution, 0.5% burn & 0.5% regeneration)

Our pre sale and public sale helped to raise the required funds for the development of the project and the comic series. We have currently over 80% of the total supply is either distributed or reserved for liquidity.

Currently there is around 160 ETH in Uniswap Liquidity.



KOJI is a unique project, in the sense of being the first token to design, develop and release a comic series exclusively as NFTs to its holders. There are plans for a whole story line, merchandise, etc for the longer term.

KOJI will be an original story line, depicting the KOJI character who arrives on earth to make a difference. This is also tied to the KOJI project’s charity strategy. KOJI is proud to partner with AmCo studios (https://www.amco-studio.com) who are a world renown illustration agency in London.

The comic will drop across a number of months, which will complete Edition 1. KOJI holders will be eligible to receive this NFT for free. These NFTs will hold value, in addition to their KOJI value.

No more NFTs will ever be minted, therefore if someone acquires later pages or editions, the only way to obtain the previous missing pages or editions is to purchase them on platforms like opensea, providing an existing holder has one up for sale!

The NFTs are planned be released in early August 2021 and the NFT Tokenomics that outline the exact methodology will be released on the 19th July 2021. This will allow both existing holders and new members a few weeks before the first NFT drop!

Join this unique opportunity to collect the limited first edition comic series!


– Fairpaper: https://koji.earth/download/KOJI-fairpaper.pdf

We just released our fair paper, outlining our dedicated charity strategy. We are really proud of this release, as we take the charity extremely seriously. We feel that we need to device a proper strategy that demonstrates where we want the charity to go, how we will achieve this, giving transparency to members as well as the charity & community engagement.

Our tokenomics outline a 1% tax (of the 3%) of all transactions that goes directly into a charity wallet. This is in KOJI and we will then convert them periodically into ETH or other crypto assets depending on the need. We are conscious to do this in a fiscally responsible manner so as not to affect the price a huge amount. We will be looking to implement a system in the future that can automatically convert very small amounts into ETH automatically.

The fair paper outlines a 4 stage plan that will eventually have KOJI to be a Tier 1 charity, or similar, where we can directly conduct initiatives globally and provide a means for local employment and betterment of communities.

We feel that KOJI is a force for good on earth and wanted to be able to support great causes globally. We devised a plan that will ensure there is a vetting process on charities that we choose. Charities also must work with us to demonstrate a clear need for the funds and we want to be specific and transparent with how the funds will be used.

Our first donation of $15,000 USD was made to the Wild Tomorrow Fund, a great initiative based in New York and South Africa, to help purchase/pay for 10 acres of their nature reserve (Ukuwela reserve) to preserve elephant and other endangered species. We will also pay the full time salary and benefits for 2 park rangers for the remainder of 2021 (6 months in total). These rangers are usually the sole breadwinner for their family.

Our 2nd donation went to Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) where a donation of £8,000 GBP was made to purchase 2 Blood pressure monitors and 3 ECG holter monitor systems.

CHUF’s vision is to support pioneering services that will positively impact heart families, inspire hope and enable Heart Heroes to reach their full potential.

They support the children and families who receive treatment by the Children’s Heart Unit based at Freeman Hospital and the many other hospitals by raising vital funds for large and small pieces of equipment, facilities, aftercare, salaries and research.


The KOJI team consists of an international team of professionals who are also crypto enthusiasts and wanted to deliver a project that gives true value to our holders. Our profiles are listed on our website. We also have a great team of community leaders and moderators who help to take KOJI forward and believe in the project. We are trying to do various initiatives to make sure our community and community leaders are involved and engaged.


We launched with Uniswap and then have since been listed in BKEX, Bilaxy, Tokpie, P2PB2B &WhiteBIT. We are listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap too.

We are also working closely with our Chinese Community who had a WeChat group and are working closely with us to develop that market. Apart from the whitepaper translation in Chinese, we are also now listed in a popular Chinese listing site Fei Xiaohao.


“KOJI has made it’s mission to be a force for good and we are excited to be partnered with the Platinum Crypto Academy team, who’s years of experience in Crypto education and extensive market analysis has been invaluable to many new investors.

We believe that through this partnership, we can bring KOJI to a group of dedicated crypto professionals and set the bar high for how a complete comic series can be brought to another level through NFTs!”

The CEO of “Cryptonaire Weekly” Karnav Shah expressed “It’s our pleasure to work with a company like Koji Earth. koji. earth is an ERC-20 project on the Ethereum network. A community-driven token, created to help those in need via mutual aid and donations from 1% of each transaction, helping the earth in times of crisis by cooperating with charitable organizations. In simple terms, KOJI is a hybrid digital token: a DeFi Charity following a deflationary model with redistribution features and regular NFT drops. The Platinum Crypto Academy is looking forward to working with Koji Earth on gaining maximum exposure to the crypto community. Subscribe to our upcoming edition of Cryptoniare weekly to find out more about Koji Earth.”

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