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LCG Energy is a pioneer – the company is about to become the first utility provider to adopt blockchain technology. After hitting €40 million revenue in 2018, LCG Energy had its strongest year since its foundation in 2009.

Meanwhile, new possibilities for the company emerged on the horizon – LCG Energy is currently on its way of acquiring renewable energy projects worth €80 million that offer 20% ROI, which will position the company as a leader for green investments in Europe. With a forecasted revenue of €200 million in 2020, LCG Energy plans to go global in 2021.

Different applications of blockchain technology in the energy sector were suggested after extensive research by experienced industry stakeholders – energy optimization, advanced energy reporting, P2P marketplaces for energy, new ways of reducing carbon emissions through carbon credits, new financial and investment models and many more. If humanity manages to utilize blockchain technology to its fullest, it will transform the energy industry as we know it by introducing a whole new level of efficiency and sustainability, factors that are much-needed in the current market with the vicious cycle of rising electricity costs, increasing manufacturing and harmful CO2 emissions. However, we have yet to see most of these suggested use cases implemented in reality.


LCG Energy is a utility provider, energy contractor and trader that has been around for quite some time. Founded in 2009 with private funds, the company has over a decade of experience in delivering energy services and providing optimization solutions to their customer base of 50.000 households and businesses. In 2014 and 2015, the company was licensed by the German and Austrian state Federal Network Agencies for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Posts and Railway as one of the few independent electricity suppliers in the D-A-CH region. Today, LCG Energy has a partner network of over 1.000 suppliers and provides electricity to its customers at prices approximately 20% lower than the market average. With its revenue of 40M Euros in 2018 alone and plans to acquire renewable energy projects worth 80M Euros in the next two years, LCG Energy is growing exponentially. The company plans to expand its presence throughout Europe until the end of 2021 and go global in 2022, which will position it as a worldwide force in the energy sector.

Its recently announced blockchain initiative might be the factor that will secure the position of LCG Energy as an international energy leader. The “LCG Energy project” revolves around the creation of an energy ecosystem consisting of a blockchain-based digital platform offering a wide array of energy related services, an energy token backed by green investing and a revolutionary, blockchain-enabled Smart Meters that will potentially become a worldwide standard in consumption monitoring and reporting.

The LCG token will be used on the LCG platform to facilitate all payments related to the acquisition of energy services. Furthermore, it is partially backed by renewable energy projects with the purpose of offering investors much higher security and price stability compared to traditional tokens on the blockchain market. The company will dedicate 80% of the funding acquired through their ongoing Initial Coin Offering to investments in green energy. This way, the LCG token will hold a utility value and act as a secure investment instrument at the same time.

As an experienced energy contractor, LCG Energy has a dedicated team of experts that is constantly looking for investment opportunities in the sphere of renewables. As a result, the company is currently on its way of acquiring sustainable green projects worth 80M Euro with an expected return of investment of over 20%. Each of these projects is enlisted in land registers in Germany and Austria and is thus under strict regulatory control, removing the possibility of fraud and offering stable, long-term returns for the investors.


Having already sold over 10M worth of LCG tokens just through their private sale, LCG Energy is now conducting a pre-sale with a 15% bonus on all investments. The pre-sale will last until the end of February, at which point the ICO will transition to the main and final phase that will conclude at the end of April.

As the first traditional utility provider to adopt blockchain technology, LCG Energy is a pioneer in the sector. With its stable token and innovative approach, it is expected that the German utility provider is here to stay and conquer new markets in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in learning more about the company, it’s past achievements, future plans and upcoming blockchain initiative, make sure to visit https://lcg-group.de/.

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