Blockchain Innovation

Built on Terra, Loop Ventures is the world’s first unified investment portal, giving investors access to innovative blockchain projects. 

We are glad to announce that applications to our Loop Ventures Nova incubator are currently open, where we incubate and accelerate innovative blockchain projects right from their point of conception, to funding, to scaling. The Nova incubator seeks to ensure success for each project as we feature the most experienced and professional team to provide a detailed look into every project we take on. Investors can only come in after a program is analysed and verified by our team. 

We have launched two outstanding portals that have been active since 1st April 2022, allowing investors to access the latest projects on our portals. These two portals, Titan and Atlas, are open to accredited private investors and public investors, respectively.  

With Titan, you will be able to track and manage your investment portfolio, whereas Atlas offers an easy-to-understand platform for both newbies and long-term blockchain investors seeking early access to ICOs and IDOs in the market.  

For investors, you can be glad to know that you will only be investing in projects that have experienced founders, reliable tokenomics, and assured longevity.

As a global leader in not only blockchain investments but also tech innovation and impact projects, Loop Ventures will connect you, the investor, to state-of-the-art blockchain innovation projects. At the same time, we are looking to solve existing problems with the help of innovative blockchain technology, not only as an investment opportunity but also with the objective of creating positive impact on the environment and communities across the globe.

Explaining what’s impressive about the innovative approach of the Loop Ventures project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah said, “Loop Ventures provides investors early access to the most innovative blockchain projects which have been comprehensively vetted for quality and validated for market demand. At Platinum Crypto Academy we are glad to have introduced our readers to such a brilliant initiative. I’m sure we will have more from the Loop Ventures project for our readers.”

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