Maxxer Beta Announcement & Their Latest Partnerships

maxxer have come leaps & bounds since our last update with them.

A community driven exchange with Social Trading (where users can copy other top performing traders within the platform) at its core. We coined it already as the one to watch in 2022 – and our stance has only grown stronger now their closed beta is live and are now sharing more sneak peeks of the exchange across their socials.

maxxer has also started to announce some of their partnerships. Notably with Solidity Finance, who are in the process of auditing their smart-contract, and &.Agency, one of the leading marketing firms in the Netherlands who specialise in influencer connections across Europe.

And that’s not even to mention their already established presence in Brazil, the fifth largest country both in the world and also in crypto ownership (8.2% of the 210 million population). There are even rumours of Brasileiro Série A football team sponsors, but don’t hold us to that. Connecting this volume of active crypto owners to top traders on their beta with free trading can only mean one thing: we will be seeing a lot more of maxxer in the coming months.

Trading is now live on the beta but only on an invite-only basis, with 0% commission fees for the entirety of the beta; so users can spot and swap trade over 30 popular pairs and avoid any fees on the maxxer beta they would otherwise pay using another exchange. The UI is incredibly friendly, maintaining seamless trading functionality whilst simplifying the act of trading crypto, something many see as something too complex to grasp.

The actual Social Trading features mentioned in our last update are to be added every few weeks. Expect to see copy trading, the Social Trading League and badge ranking system to be on the beta very soon. This is to ensure that their basic functions are working; staggering the release of these features also leaves us keen followers of maxxer itching to find out more. After all, stress testing and sneak peeks is what a beta is for.

As mentioned, the beta is currently open only to $MXXR holders to limit the influx of people on the maxxer exchange’s maiden voyage. The very open maxxer team have already confirmed that it will soon be open to everyone, $MXXR holder or not. Who wouldn’t want to try out trading on an exciting new exchange whilst paying no commission?

Of course, the beta is open to token holders at first, we want to reward the community for doing their own research and finding us early.’ – Leandro, CTO

If you’re interested in finding out more about the beta and how to get involved all the information is available on their website and socials. We are already strong supporters of what maxxer are doing, and can’t wait to test out the beta.

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