A fully integrated platform that offers a consolidated suite of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT services aiming to solve the liquidity issues in mining.

A unique initiative leading the way, MINE Network, is a decentralized hashrate token protocol that is fueling the very first hashrate powered metaverse. This project seeks to tokenize mining powers from cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. They do this by offering several key ecosystem assets, most notably its innovative cross-chain platform tokens called pTokens (a form of standardized hashrate tokens). These tokens can be traded in cross-chain DeFi applications, be used as collateral to borrow USDT, and will be the main driving force behind MINE Network’s Metaverse Division P2E game economy, The MINEverse.

MINE Network serves the needs of retail miners and aims to eliminate the steep barriers currently hindering them. It uses a sophisticated multi-chain mechanism to standardize the mining power without being constrained by any boundaries.

A vital part of MINE network’s ecosystem revolves around its latest stand-out offering, their foray into the metaverse. In Q4 of 2021, MINE Network introduced its newest addition to its already stellar lineup of mining options, MINE Network’s Metaverse Division, The MINEverse. The MINEverse is the world’s first hashrate powered P2E gaming metaverse in existence which consolidates the best aspects of the cryptocurrency world into one immersive virtual economic ecosystem that caters to collectors and gamers of all levels. Master Miner NFT holders can engage in all aspects of the game from, trading, interacting with other players, mining, and earning real hashrate rewards. Currently, MINE Network is conducting its first series of Master Miner utility-packed NFTs that will grant you exclusive access to the majestic and whimsical metaverse of hollandor.

For more details about MINE Network and to participate in their latest NFT drop, visit their website: https://mine.network/

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