Following last week’s announcement, we are thrilled in anticipation of the main net launch of our yield farms, the first piece of our unique staking solution, featuring layers of passive incomeCATS Yield Farms

In this blog, we’ll go in detail about yield rewards and what you can expect.

Articulating the CryptoArena project’s Self-Decentralizing Exchange, Karnav Shah, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said: “ CryptoArena is an exchange bound by smart contracts that automatically reward active users that are platform-generated net revenue which keeps increasing over time all the way to 100%. I’m sure learning about CryptoArena’s Self-Decentralizing Exchange is an enriching experience for both our analysts and readers. I am positive, we will be the first to share the new developments taking place with the CryptoArena project which you can expect in our coming weekly editions.”


CryptoArena has deployed 2x yield farms. All deploys will share the same proportional rewards and APR, but have some differences between them to cater to the various preferences of our audience.

Most importantly, only LP farms will have the possibility of using synths for governance or to acquire node rights to NFT Arena, a trading card game using NFTs as assets, which generates additional revenue for holders.

  1. LP Node Farm (ETH)

Blockchain: Ethereum

Input Asset: ETH/CATS LP Tokens

Token Address: 0x818e9c3b7b141f90f0713ea10ac92c8ec45a2163

Epoch Duration: 6 months

Rewards: 500K CATS

  1. Single Sided Staking Farm (ETH)

Blockchain: Ethereum

Input Asset: ETH/CATS LP Tokens

Token Address: 0x765a6c174202A78561C986684DF1004Cbf38faeB

Epoch Duration: 3 months

Rewards: 250K CATS


Max Supply: 100,000,000 (reached in 2 years)

Total Supply: 18,500,00

Circ. Supply: 6,728,467

Corroborate supply information through Etherscan here

Rewards & APR Calculations

Find data from the graphs below from the reference spreadsheet here

Projected Initial Range

The above graph represents rewards based on an initial, more or less realistic expectation of tokens that will be staked in the short term as we launch our farms: from 1 to almost 20% of the circulating supply.

In this scenario, fewer tokens than is desirable will be staked, thus the APR will be quite high for the purpose of attracting new participants.

Nevertheless, at the same time, this would imply that 1/5 of circulating supply in the hands of holders has been dedicated to the farms, meaning that the scarcity of the tokens in the market is significantly decreased, while at the same time providing greater magnitudes of liquidity.

This is a multi-sided beneficial effect that will provide CATS with an escalating price floor for as long as the yields remain attractive.


This second graph instead represents the extreme limit of the APR curve. There are only 6.7M CATS in circulation, therefore no more than that amount can be staked without first purchasing them from either Uniswap

What this means is that the more tokens are staked, the more the whole solution becomes attractive to new buyers, and those new buyers entering at higher prices continuously set a higher price floor.

Fat yields and a brighter future

It’s been a couple of hard months for us in the team at CryptoArena, with a packed schedule, crazed markets, and our relatively limited resources. Nevertheless, bit by bit we are building everything and smashing deadlines.

Today we are thrilled to launch our unique staking solution, as other than a very attractive product of its own, these farms are a big part of what connects the future pieces of the puzzle.

Next Milestone: NFT Arena

Our next major milestone will be the release of NFT Arena’s beta version, coming soon(er than you expect)!

“Platinum has great insights into all that’s new in the crypto space.
The combination of their financial expertise, business acumen and industry-specific knowledge make them ideal to help disruptive projects present themselves to greater audiences around the world.” – Lorenzo Ferrari, CryptoArena CEO


CryptoArena is building a crypto exchange and regulated securities broker that rewards active users with platform-generated net revenue through a game-like points scoring system. More points = bigger share.

Rewards distributed will start at 25% of net revenue and increase over time all the way to 100% as a consequence of a unique “self-decentralization process.” This process will use smart contracts to automatically distribute rewards and transition their holding entity into fully self-sustained, non-profit, public benefit infrastructure.

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