MetaBrewSociety (MBS), the world’s first blockchain brewery, is set to breathe life into the antiquated beer industry. Combining the wonders of beer and blockchain, MetaBrew already has a collection of 6,000 unique NFTS ready for minting.

Per the company’s roadmap, however, minting won’t be a one-off event but a three-phased initiative scheduled for September 22nd( for members assigned an MBS discord whitelist role) September 23rd (parties who did order beer from but have not joined the MBS discord community) and the 24th which will be the public mint event.

Currently, MBS is fine tuning a community-focussed three-day event. Dubbed the Septembeerfest, the festival is one of the Society’s IRL utilities which NFT holders will have free access to. The festivals will help to achieve MBS’s goal of promoting community gatherings. Also, the Society is allowing the community to mint the available 200 event tickets.

If a participant mints a ticket and also attends the actual NFT minting event in September, they’ll be rewarded with free entrance rights to the September festival.The rationale is that, the MBS will offer the price of the ticket as a discount for the actual NFT. The ongoing ticket mint will end August 31st.

Tickets are available on the company’s website already. Before heading to the site, however, it’s important to verify that you’ve been assigned a whitelist roll in the company’s Discord community or you’ve ordered a beer box from the MBS shop already.

The mint price is set at 0.1 ETH (about $165). Also, Septembeerfest participants will receive a $165 discount on the actual mint. Opting in will mean enjoying free beer throughout the event—the festival will be held at the MetaBrew Society Brewery in Bavaria. Participants will also be treated to an expert-guided brewery tour, and there will also be plenty of free MBS merchandise up for grabs. 

Beyond the 3-phased mint event, holders of MetaBrewSociety NFT can claim 160-240 cans of beer per year in perpetuity, shipped for free to any place in the world. NFT rarity and beer share value will determine the amount owed to an investor. NFT owners will also obtain exclusive voting rights, empowering them to help make critical business decisions like where the company should open the next beer shop.

The MBS community will also qualify to join the MBS affiliate program. Every affiliate will obtain 20% of the total revenue in perpetuity from customers joining the MBS via their affiliate link. Lastly, holders will be granted access to the many upcoming virtual MBS events, including brewing classes and beer-tasting festivals.

About the MetaBrewSociety

The MetaBrewSociety is a web3 beer brand comprising 6,000 NFTs. It was created by eight friends who are not only entrepreneurs but also tech and crypto enthusiasts who love beer and good food, as well as festivals.

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the MetaBrewSociety project, he explained, “Project’s like MetaBrewSociety are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels”

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