Giving to Services is a New Look For Crypto Staking Platform

Service professionals can receive cryptocurrency for free through SVS

A new look had been unveiled for the Top Charity Crypto Token, complete with a fresh website, new branding colours and an impressive logo. Giving To Services is a blockchain company that provides a decentralised finance (DeFi) staking service to holders of their token ‘SVS’. A portion of the staking rewards generated for holders is donated to those professionals within the Health Service, Police, Fire and Military services, as a thank you for the sacrifices they make. The system is powered by the audited digital currency SVS, that enables transparent financial interactions between individuals, charities, institutions and other organisations connected with the provision of the public services.

Investors who purchase the SVS token, are able to sign up to the Giving To Services staking platform. The platform has been specifically designed to simplify the complex process of staking, by offering three different staking investment baskets. After passing KYC vetting and enabling 2FA, investors have the option of staking into either wBTC, USDT and EURS, each with differing APR. These baskets pay out rewards (interest) every day that those staking can choose withdraw as SVS to sell, or can re-stake on the platform further increasing their SVS holdings and staking returns. At the point of withdrawal, 4% of the rewards are transferred to a donation pot, to be distributed to service professionals quarterly. 

After a short vetting process, service professionals from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be eligible to receive their share of the 4% SVS rewards for free, just by downloading the App, in which they can then choose to sell or stake them, to provide an ongoing return. 

Leanne Holder – CEO of Giving To Services said: “The sacrifices service professionals make every day to protect the public are not adequately represented by their pay and pensions, successive governments have failed to respond to this. In these times of unprecedented social, economic and environmental change, the SVS token and Giving To Services platform, enables service people to take control of their financial future and ensures there is not a need to be reliant on outside agencies.” 

Service professionals are some of the most capable people in society and often do not think of themselves as in need of help or charity. Giving To Services exists to provide a way to recognise, reward and serve these service professionals, through cutting edge decentralised financial tools.

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