Nunu Spirits Announces IDO and TGE

Nunu Spirits – a 3D game world built on a play-to-earn ecosystem where every Nunu NFT has the chance to become a real tree, planted in the real world – has announced their Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place on March 30th and their hosting a bonus IDO today, March 28th!

The bonus IDO will begin at 10 AM UTC on the DAOLaunch IDO launchpad. For more information on how to participate, check out DAOLaunch’s recent article about the Nunu Spirits IDO

The Nunu Spirits TGE will follow just a few days after on March 30th with the launch of their token – NNT – on PancakeSwap and Trader Joe, two of the most popular decentralized exchanges (DEX). The Nunu Spirits team has stated they’re in talks with several centralized exchanges (CEX) as well. 

A first-of-its-kind combination of NFT gaming and real-world ecological action makes Nunu Spirits stand out from the rest of games in the play-to-earn sector. Each collectible NFT, called a “Nunu”, is a playable character in the game that has a chance to become an actual tree that gets planted in the real world.

“Connecting players with direct ecological action is at the heart of the Nunu Spirits ideology”, says CEO Gabriel Brockman. “We’re working with some of the best ecological projects to ensure our tree planting efforts make a real impact on a global scale.”

As a fun precursor to the upcoming Nunu Spirits game, they’ve got a pre-alpha micro game release coming out very soon. It’s a very simple endless runner, similar to the offline Chrome dino runner game, where players play as a Nunu and need to jump over obstacles while the intensity and difficulty keeps increasing. The game gives players a chance to explore the colors of Nunu Universe (Nuniverse) and they can even win NNT prizes if they’re among the highest scorers!

Articulating the Nunu Spirit project’s solutions, Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said, “NUNU merges the joy of casual gaming with the earning capacity of blockchain and turns it into an ecological action. I’m sure learning about Nunu Spirit’s solution is an enriching experience for both our analysts and readers. I am positive, we will be the first to share the new developments taking place with the Nunu Spirit project.”

Quote from their CEO, Gabriel Brockman, “Besides being an NFT project, our game incorporates effective environmental solution, as well. I believe that Platinum Crypto Academy can be a significant help in spreading details about Nunu Spirits and therefore I am glad we could partner with them.”

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