ONINO Farm Making Milestones in the Crypto Sphere: Boosting Liquidity and Launching on Hotbit

ONINO, the simplest solution for your Web 3.0 identity, has recently made milestones in the crypto sphere after announcing its Liquidity Boosting Program, as well as the launch of the ONI token on Hotbit.

Liquidity Boosting Program

Take advantage of the Liquidity Boosting Program that will better your ability to stake your ONI token while at the same time provide liquidity for the upcoming ONINO ecosystem. Liquidity will enable ONINO supporters to stake their ONI token at an outstanding and competitive rate, hence overcoming financial challenges, securing loans and prompting a plan for their financial control.

You can have a look at the updated ONI rates per block.

ONI Listing on Hotbit

Hotbit, one of the world’s leading crypto trading platforms, will be listing the ONI token alongside the other 2,500 other tokens. With such numbers, you can be sure that we are adding an opportunity to our members, which was made possible from 14 February 2022. 

Launching on a centralised exchange comes with the added advantage that we will be able to reach out to new target markets and in turn allow new members to join the ONINO community. To meet this objective, the launch has seen various campaign strategies in place, including Twitter bounty campaigns, AMA with the Hotbit community, as well as ONI trading competitions.  

Challenges/Solutions and Use Cases

Blockchain tech has led to a loss of track of assets because they are scattered. In addition, there is the absence of a decentralised solution that collects, stores, and verifies data from various networks in a unified ecosystem. As such, other than limiting decentralisation, such problems limit economic growth, free trade, and innovation capabilities.

To offer a solution, we are looking to provide the right technology accompanied by the right products. With this combination, our use cases are diverse due to identity verification, document digitalisation, digital twin solution, asset verification and identification, as well as decentralised insurance systems. The value added by the ONINO ecosystem provides for various applications. Some of the use cases include data access, creation of decentralised and secure insurance systems, validation and verification of documents, ability to represent real-world assets in the form of NFT-like objects, as well as easy identification of users in the digital space.

You will be able to participate in the larger ONINO community with the Liquidity Boosting Program and the ability to trade on Hotbit. 

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